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Smart Phone Repair Kit!

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Need special tools for your smartphone repair? Get the Smart Phone Repair Kit!


We all know that having the right tools for any job is essential to a smooth repair. But it takes time to build up an efficient tool box with all the tools you MIGHT need. Thats why I love our new Smartphone Repair Kit! A lot of my home repairs involve smartphones and I have everything I need for those repairs in one convenient place.

The Smartphone Repair Kit contains:

Anti-Static Project Tray
Suction Cup
Sim Eject Tool
Plastic Opening Tool
ESD Tweezers
Opening Pick
Aluminum Screwdriver handle
T4 Driver Bit
T5 Driver Bit
T6 Driver Bit
iPhone Pentalobe Driver Bit
Phillips #00 Driver Bit
Phillips #000 Driver Bit
1.5mm Flathead Driver Bit


mewimi says:

The tray needs a cover. And maybe make the tray not look like it is a shell casing for from a throw away box :3 Just a suggestion.

Ettore Sironi says:

Can I repair my Iphone 4S with this Kit?

jhon jazz says:

Nice Video!!

الساحرة الطيبة says:

Is the shipping worldwide?

Mak Phobia says:

The problem is not getting the kit the fixing it self can be so hard sometimes you make I miss XD I used to repair phones non of them came out alive thou XD

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