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Smart Phone Repair Holder – Jakemy

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A quick look at this smart phone holder from Jakemy.. This could be helpful for folk who are in the phone repair field.

Jakemy Smart Phone Holder :- https://goo.gl/QXTYMh

Solder :- Multicore 60/40
Solder Paste :- Amtech NC-559-V2-TF
Fiskars Non Stick Micro Scissors :- http://amzn.to/2pXjeao
Elgato HD60 Pro Capture Card :- http://amzn.to/2qT2ZjA
KNIPEX 31 25 160 Flat Nose Pliers :- http://amzn.to/2qtELLV
Manfrotto 244RC Variable Friction Arm :- http://amzn.to/2qtLqFY
Manfrotto Super Clamp without Stud :- http://amzn.to/2rrZNsq
High Temperature PCB Jig/Fixture :- https://goo.gl/UK2mmk
Switch Cleaner :- Servisol Super10
Freeze Spray :- Servisol Freeze It
Screwdrivers :- Wera & Knipex
Microscope :- GT Vision GXM-XTL3TV1
Pliers & Cutters :- Knipex
Solder Station :- Pace ST100
Olight S1A LED Torch :- http://amzn.to/2pMislC
Rework Tweezers :- Pace MT-100 MiniTweez
Hot Air Station :- 858D
General Tweezers :- Lindstrom & Ideal-Tek
Multimeters :- Keysight U1252B & U1253B
Precision Multimeters :- Keysight 34465A & Keithley 2015THD
PSU’s :- TTi QL355T & Keithley 2230G-30-1
Multifunction Tester :- Fluke 1653B
Electronic Load :- Maynuo M9710
Oscilloscope :- Rigol-DS2200
Spectrum Analyser :- Rigol-DSA805-TG
Signal Generator :- Rigol-DSG4162 & DG1012
Frequency Counter :- Racal-Dana 1998
Variac :- Carroll & Meynell 8A
Ultrasonic bath :- GT Sonic (3Litre)


Dino Papas says:

Not a phone repair type but always love seeing new gadgets! Thanks for sharing John.

Gadget Review Videos says:

Helping hand for iPhone teardown. Bet that would have come in handy when I was replacing the battery on the iPod touch.
To bad they didn't make the top screen part from clear plastic, that way you could have still seen the screen when looking for issues and adding heat or cold to a chip.
Ok, so it would need to be a clear top screen part, and a little mirror. Maybe they will see your videos comments and do this for version 2?

The Radio Shop says:

Interesting little device. When I was working on the I Phone the other week I was thinking about something like this. Thanks for sharing my friend.

zx8401ztv says:

I have to say this first, i've seen speaker phones, but never a speaker hard drive 🙂
Sorry john, my silly brain.

Well it looks like it could have done with a clear plastic section in the middle of the vertical panel, so you can leave the phone in position and look at the lcd without moving the ribbon cable at all.
I also agree that it needs a slab of metal attached to the base to add stability.

To be honest john, i think you could have made one better yourself, and make it fit your exact requirements, if you are a diy man of cause :-).

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