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Slow iPad & iPhone Fix | Speed Up iPad & iPhone Ram

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Super simple tip to speed up a slow iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch by freeing up the ram. This trick will help speed up any iOS device that lags, freezes or runs slowly.

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Corrinne Jacobi says:

Thank you so much. That was so easy. Subscribed 😊

Âłëx Drægôś says:

Lol didn’t work

Kajus Kausinis says:

doesnt work man ipad 2 here

Blue Dragon says:

I have iOS 11 and I thought it wouldn’t work, boy I was wrong

Eazy says:

That didn’t work

Lawrencao says:

it totally worked. new subscriber

Joe Bolt says:

This made it worse😐

dAViD ChRiSTiE says:

wow it worked

ProgrammerGaming says:

Thanks, it works! Faster a bit, frame doesn't drop that much on Critical Ops

Asian Noodle says:

I dropped it and now its slow af

J Yusof says:

Thanks dude, it work..

Pathyo 77 says:

I didn't work my iPad is still slow

Defaulting xD says:

Who was here to fix the Mobile legends lag?

Akehap Kap says:

Old iPad air, it hjelpes a lot, thank u 🙂

raegan says:

thank you so much! this was much wanted💘

tanya willment says:

It won't work so stop making kids sad

Suga Kookies says:

It didn't work for me 🙁

Patrick Star says:

I subbed XD

papadragon 06 says:

Thx dan it really works😄😄😄

Traxxas___basheeerr says:

Didn't work

Kawai Cat 32 says:

Thanks my iPad is very bad but thanks for helping

Arzene says:

Not only it lags

my ipad goes crazy aswell
(typing by its own or tapping apps randomly etc)

Sebastián says:

omg It worked, thanks

Dolls ddfl says:

Thanks so muc this helped so much

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