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Should you repair phones for a living?

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Outside of the technical part there are many things to consider before getting into the phone repair business. I’ll answer a few here and if you have more then by all means ask.


Dave Urry says:

Great vid and advice! I've never really thought of doing this as a career it's always just been something I've enjoyed! I'm definitely going to start making a business even if I just start small, I might as well do something with my knowledge lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

hiram pellot says:

Love your shirt!

Hameed Cole says:

Very informative and on point.. love the video. I subscribed b4 the end of the video 😊..This is confirmation for me as an electronics Tech that works on Smt (surface mount technology) everyday..I want to transition to micro electronics and fix smartphones to component level…Nuff respect sir πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

ii_Nick says:

I just do it for friends and family, they only have to pay for the part

John Richardson says:

It's alright saying that you can always watch youtube videos to your hearts content, about how to fix this or how to fix that etc, BUT NOT EVERYONE has the actual physical ability OR experience to do it AND RIGHT!

Hamad SA says:

thank you sir

Shoko channel says:

can you upload real probelms that custemrs cooming to you sotre and how did you repair them
please thnks

alan doyle says:

great video man , I dabble with phones as a hobbie, but I work as a diagnostic tec in the motor trade,
and almost everything you said in this video can be said about almost any trade , very interesting, I'm not living in the US so unfortunately I'll probably never make it to any of your courses , but I have to say I'll recommended this video to anybody who wants to open any sort of business,
impressive stuff .

Madkiller 12 says:

Where is your shop and how much Is the phone repair class

ConsoleFreakAnthoney says:

Nice video! I just started a business on my own here in the netherlands. Worked before in a official samsung repair service center. The only thing I need is a lot of customers πŸ˜› lol

Tito Cadogan says:

Thanks for the explation

Sesar Eusebio says:

Awsome video mike , and great info

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