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Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass Screen Replacement Repair Change – TUTORIAL

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GadgetDoctorUSA says:

Check our channel, we have the loca uv glue repair video 

GadgetDoctorUSA says:

Good day everyone!
For some reason we cannot reply to many of the questions posted here; some
don’t show the reply option. We want to make sure we answer all you guy’s
questions so please, if you notice we did not answer your question know
that this was the reason for that and send us an e-mail at
gadgetdoctorusa@gmail.com. We are always more than happy to help :)!

GadgetDoctorUSA says:

+Sam Collee , Yes it is

SEspider says:

I managed to wash mine (Samsung Galaxy S3) with my clothes the other day.
It seems to be dry. I’ve opened it up and can’t find any water.
But the screen doesn’t come on anymore. Lights work and it seems to be
charging (when the light does work).
Is it a lost cause?
Yes I’ve done the Rice in a bag trick to dry it out. ;)

GadgetDoctorUSA says:

Hello Guys.
For some reason the option to reply each of your comments is gone in the
new youtube update, we are gonna do our best to answer all your questions.
Thanks :)

GadgetDoctorUSA says:

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iUpload HD says:

I’m just asking, but what was the point of putting that tape around the
LCD? Was it to leave a sticky residue?

Swiggity Swag says:

replaced my screen YAY! Helped me lots :D

Andreas Loizou says:

i give 100euro for repair 

Sydni says:

what if I don’t have tape or a heat gun? Can I still use a blow dryer? 

Yohan Ragoonath says:

which heat gun is he using?

Chris Ezio says:

From where can i buy it? for 10euros or cheaper?

Theirradiation says:

someone tried to replace the screen on my phone and i guess stopped in the
middle and tried to put it back on so i was just playing a game and the
screen cracked :(

Danny Castano says:

yep, I F it up, I did not know the top plastic or whatever that is of the
LCD could come off with the glass too, so I removed the glass but attached
to the glass was the LCD top screen, I guess it was the touch part of it. I
tried but not successful, thanks any way.

CK CrippledKnight says:

How much would you guys charge for a replacement of the Glass and back
camera of a Note II? I also have some power options, was thinking that it
may need cleaning and or replacement of the power button. Do let me know if
you do that, feel free to answer here or through PM. Thanks,

Tom Pham says:

Do you know where to get the samsung galaxy avant glass replacement?

charsham23 says:

Please someone ANSWER i took off the screen and before replcing the new one
i turned on the phone but the screen is black and i see my buttons light up
and i hear my ringtone so did I damaged the whole LCD ??? 

Ayam Empress says:

When you heat up the front to take off the glass, hat is the dark screen
between the clear glass and the phone called please? When I made my attempt
that part seemed to crack when i was lifting the screen away…

Kira Yamato says:

what is the maximum and standard temp for this??? please

See Los says:

Hay what are the things that I need for a first time repair guy like me?
Please help me out 

stephanie rescendiz says:

What if I dont have double sided tape. 

Wyatt Gunter says:

Can you replace the glass without using UV adhesive??

Allen Bland says:

Where r u location 

Keron Bovil says:

How much do y’all charged? ?

Eric Lison says:

i confused now, where are digitizer in this phone?

Scott Youger says:

I just followed this guide and it worked perfectly for the Galaxy Express.
There are no videos for that particular phone so I thank you!!

Brent Westmoreland says:

You said this is the third glass replacement on this phone. Is the first
time glass replacement harder? Is the lcd attached to the original screen
and harder to remove the first time? Just don’t want to ruin my friends

Ghufran Azam says:

Please don’t try at home

paweloskoczek says:

just a question if my displays works perfectly fine,,, no pixel problem
ect,,, the glass isnt broken but the phone isn’t responding when I try to
swipe or touch it in anyway on the touch glass,,, do I have to replace just
the glass for 5£ or the whole digitizer glass ect for 70£? it just
randomly stopped working on a holiday when I was taking a photo took few
and then it didnt respond to a 5th or 6th photo since then I was able to
switch it on and off and when someones calls I can see who it is but I am
unable to answer the call,,,, the bottom key and menu button and back
button works and it looks like its part of the glass…. which I dont
undarstand.. (just to note the holiday was very hot and I was trying to
charge the phone while using gps on motorcycle sun shining could this have
anything to do with it?. it did overheat and turned off few days before it
stopped working) anyone had similar problems?

great vid I hope my problem is just the glass…

anand ashok says:

hello mate
my samsung galaxy s3 has cracked screen. I want to replace it. How much it
would cost if I send it to you ?

Danny Gallo says:

does it freeze because you use the heat then when you put pressure?

azik wakisaki says:

What’s the purpose of the laser you are using? I also have screen cracked
on my s3 and i have issue on my internet browsing how to remove the white
pop up when im searching on google?

AlbHnjsa920 says:

How much do u repair for?

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