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RICE MAGIC! Repair water damaged iPhone/iPod

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You dropped your iPhone, or iPod into the toilet while trying to take a dooskie. Or you jumped into the pool without realizing your phone was in your pocket. Now what? Try this method, and it may bring your device back to life. I can’t garuntee anything, simply because it all depends on the amount of water damage your device has. However, my iPod was dropped into the toilet for about a good 10 seconds before I could slap myself out of shock, and reach in there to get it, and it still worked after doing this. So hopefully, it works for you!


Cari Roz says:

I cant do the first step. mine wouldn’t slide to turn off after falling in
the toilet

lucy says:

reading the comments im so glad im not the only one who dropped their ipod
in the toilet

Angel Wheeler says:

after leaving my phone in rice for 24 hours it works. Im getting messages
and notifications but i cannot unlock my screen to read them. Screen is
frozen please help.

Bethan Bright says:

i had my iphone 5s playing music on the toilet seat while i was in the bath
and i dropped a little bit of water on it. it worked for a while after that
so i did not think it harmed my phone in any way. then it said my battery
percent was at 2% and i tired plugging it in but it charged for like ten
seconds and then it stopped. i did not understand what was going on and
then my iphone died. i tried plugging it in again to charge it and it said
it was charging. then after a few minutes, it stopped charging. the screen
is now just black and wont do anything. it wont even turn on or charge.
this is my first iphone and i am too scared to tell my parents. also, when
I’ve had to reset my phone before, it always says ‘SIM NOT VALID’ and ive
had to travel miles and miles to get to the nearest phone shop to buy
another SIM that might work. sometimes the SIM card works and some don’t
work. it is all so confusing for me. especually when a SIM card doesn’t
work and i have to try figure out how to sort my phone out on itunes or
whatever. what shall i do?… tell my parents that it doesnt work? please
help ASAP. i’m dead when they find out. i tried holding down the power
button and then home button to reset it but no luck. help me omg someone

iPhone 5s, i think its IOS 8

Evie Butler says:

iPods have warranty for 1 year. Every Apple product does. I tried to vlog
underwater using a Ziploc bag instead of a Life-proof Case, but the bag
ended up getting water in it. I’ve done it several times, but this time it
was a fail. A stupid fail. It won’t turn on, but before it kinda shut down,
the screen looked weird. I am trying this method and the first day is
almost done, so I hope this does work. I have an iPod 5, and it’s my life.
Literally. My camera..my method to talk to my friends…all that. :/ If
this works I will computer hug you so hard it will hurt tomorrow! Crossing
my fingers!!!

Réka Tóthfalusi says:

My phone fell into the toilet and it didn’t turn off for about 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes it has just turned off. Then I put it in a container, with
rice (nut even full of rice), but because it was turned off I thought that
part of the “hopefully survival steps” was done. But after 10-20 minutes in
the rice, it has turned on. But I’m not sure if to turn it off, or when to
get out it of rice, charge it or really what to do, because I guess it’s
not fully repaired by 15 minutes. So do you have any suggestions what to
do? I’d really appreciate your help!:)
‘Thanks, lot of love’

Alana says:

i was using my iPhone 6 in the shower but with my arm out the door so it
was only getting a few drops on it but when i went to use it 30 minutes
later the screen was 3/4 faded and 1/4 normal with faint stripes going
diagonally across it. I don’t think it effected anything else but the
screen but i didn’t want to test it and see so i put it straight in rice.
Hope it works

FreezeFrostCraft says:

I was trying to clean my screen with littile bit water on my tablet and it
kind of glitching the screen

glitter msp says:

Who needs sound guys

MovieStarPlanet Love says:

So, I was going to the beach and my phone was in my pocket. So I went in
the water, and then I felt my pocket and there it was. Completely… DEAD.
It wouldn’t go on. So, now I am searching up how to fix it and stuff. So
what should I do? Should I tell my parents and get grounded for 1 month? Or
keep trying for today and then tell me dad or uncle who MAY help me. Okay,

Paul H Williams Jr says:

Rice will not work, Period. It will not prevent the salts and other
contaminates from corroding the logic board. The best thing to do is do
not bring it in the bathroom, LOL.

pastelblissxo says:

ugh, i got my new iphone 6 two days ago and on my third day I cracked the
screen in the morning and dropped it in the toilet in the afternoon. talk
about bad luck…

George Back says:

Exact same with me, happened today, still not working :-/

HazzaXBL says:

My Ipod still can turn on but the sound does not work, when ever I try to
turn up the volume it says it has headphones plugged in even though it
doesn’t have any headphones plugged in, can someone please tell me what to

Creeper Elimination says:

OK so I fell into the pool with my iPhone in my pocket and I told my cousin
not to turn it on but they did anyways so I dried it off with the towel and
I put it in a bag of rice. In the morning I tried to turn it on, and it
didn’t. I tried later in the afternoon, and it didn’t turn on. Is it done
for? Is it a bad thing that I tried to turn it on after 12 hours and after
24? I tried plugging it in too, and that didn’t work. Is it completely
totaled? I’m praying to God that it’s not, Help me please guys! I need to
know if there is any hope for my sad phone!

Eng Blushaholic says:

I dropped my iphone 5s in hot chocolate and don’t ask me how it just did a
ninja jump all the way into the cup .. UGH I really hope this works for my
poor stupid iphone :'(


if ur phone fell in the toilet make sure u don’t cook and eat the same rice
that absorbed the toilet water lol

FreezeFrostCraft says:

What a waste of money 85 really just fix the water damage with nail remover

jear horrit says:

My mom forget that she has a Iphone 6 + in her pocket and she put it into
the washing machine,she just got it for a week,is this gonna work??

Christian Cavazos says:

i droped my iphone 6 in water and it works but no sound comes out will this

Keith Dias says:

Thnaks my phone fell in the water u were my only hope it worked now my
phone is wrking

Richard Grindrod says:

need help droped my iPhone in the toilet after a night out think I tried to
turn it after I got it out I put in in a large container of rice say 5min
after I got it out what are the chances of it working again. please reply

Stenley D'Nightmare says:

shit … whats ur explaination … thats not logic …=_=like dummy shit
….if u really want to prove it … make your video 1. Put your handphone
into water … 2 your handphone really error ( u can click one by one on
screen or other side lcd ) 3 you can make your step by step how to use it
by rice without sciencetific explanation …. ckck 


Thank so much u helped me get my iPod back 

lifesimmerfan#1 says:


Toni M says:

Does brown rice work too? Or just white rice?

ggonzaga07 says:

This woman is a retard. Reasons
1- She uses a working iPod for this, and like that we’ll never know wether
the concept works (it should work, personal experience)
2- She recommends using a hair dryer in low heat. Don’t. A hair dryer can
damage the device even more, even on cold. On cold mode, it will push the
water inwards, making it harder to get the water out. On heat (low/high),
the heat can melt down components and, even the exterior casing if it is a
plastic device.
3- Silica gels are useful and no one is “weird” for having them around.

Cat Spells says:

My speaker got messe upmbefore this will it still work?

Rodolph Denis says:

my sister was going to use the bathroom so she left it on the couch then my
niece whos 1 years old took it and walked to the bathroom that my sister
wasnt in and dropped it in the toilet i dont know how long it was in the
toilet though its been in rice for a day and she hasnt even had it for a

isaac saldivar says:

It’s not even water damage how do I know it works if it looks like a fake

Enis Fana says:

My one turns one but when I try to unlock it won’t how can I fix this

Pakei Lsu says:

Some bum stole my ipod and tried to flush it but lucky me i had a tracking
device and a janitor found it for me so i hope this works.

SJ S says:

Hmm.. i knew about the rice method and as my phone dropped in the water i
hurried and shook it, pat it dry and grabbed some rice to throw in the only
thing i didn’t do was turn off the phone!! It went from fine screen to
squares all over the screen still worked.. woke up from a nap and it’s
completely shut off or DEAD!! Hope this works i’ll leave it for 2-3 days!

John Jones says:

This does work but can mess up internal Parts with White corrosion. I would
say go to a person who can fix it, to stop it getting worst or fix your
self clean all the board properly!

Farida Orabi says:

I ran into the ocean with my phone in my pocket :(

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