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Retail Repair vs. Refurbishment vs. Data Recovery – Debating Smartphone Repair

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Let’s take a look at competing repair industry business models: repair, refurbishment, and data recovery. Our experts duke it out at the Electronics Reuse Conference. John Bumstead (rdklinc.com) advocates his refurbishment business model, Jessa Jones (mendonipadrehab.com) speaks up for data recovery, and Ivan Mladenovic (techbarmiami.com) makes the pitch for retail repair. Which business model do you prefer?


Pablo123456x says:

i know she's trying to be funny, but she actually sounds a little annoying.
Congrats on the two guys for their business models.

Mario Litano says:

No fix no fee is noble i don't believe it is ethical to charge for a diagnostic unless im putting the machine apart or spending significant labor.

Isaac Perez says:

I've been doing it wrong all along. Thanks iFixitPro for bringing us all together.

MobiFix says:

I can just imagine Louis up on this talk .. dear god, he'd trash each and every idea represented around that table, and would let no one get a word in! =)

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