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Repair/Fix: Laptop Not turning on, no leds no signs of life.

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This video shows a laptop which seems to be dead, when plugged in to the outlet it does not show any lights and it does not turn on.

This was an easy fix, this Toshiba Satellite L775 got some liquid damage to the trackpad’s button board.

After disconnecting the board the computer came back to life.

If you have the same model of laptop and you need the part here is the part number I got. 08N2-1B80J00 and here is a link to amazon for it. http://amzn.to/2gIBY9u but you could also find it on e-bay using the part number.


Aural MXIM says:

I've tried to fix mine, but I really dont know why mine doesn't even look like it passes power. I've tried starting it up with the fork but not much progress, and when I plug it to the power shows no lights at all T_T help please

Raja Zeeshan Ali says:

Sir I Have Issue with my Laptop My Laptop is showing that is charging but do not power on my laptop..
Actually some days ago i can charge my laptop with 12 Volt charger about 15 minutes and after that my laptop won't Start….

benigz dagasuhan says:

the same situation with my toshiba satellite c840.. no sign of life.. preparing for the burial of this???

nodari deminashvili says:

how i know motherbiad dead or processor? laptop not charge light and not power

MrCheenky says:

You need a p.o. Box so I can send you my msi Gt 80 Titan. Think it has the same problem after my nephews spilled juice or water on my keyboard lol.

Damion Chadee says:

i have a toshiba m500 and the webcam keeps flashing like its taking a pic and it wont turn on

Tarek Emad says:

I have this problem with my lap Siemens core i5.what should I do?

Polancx says:

mi lapto no tiene memoria ram debe ser por eso que pantalla se queda en negro y no enciende o la memoria ram no tiene nada que ver.. es decir prenden las luces pero la pantalla se queda en negro


not bad vedeo fair

TrIcKs MaStEr says:

Hey!i am having this problem if I turn on laptop after 5 seconds it will go offf…. what shall i do????? help mee … i am good adapter and i have good working batteries …. help me please sir

Mrssea Sea says:

I have the same laptop toshiba…….but different model…..but mine the light will come on when I plug the power cord into it……but nothing else….no fan no other lights….and when I unplug the power cord …the light goes off…..so I think my battery is not charging as well …..I was using the laptop and it just shut off…..That was that! ……..Any ideas?

mhenyer says:

i have a problem like that. I try to plug my headphone and accidentally plugged it inti the usb port and then a spark came out and my laptop never turned on again. I took it to a technician and he told me the processor (which is integrated with the motherboard) was broken but when he gave me back the laptop it didn't charged or show any sing of life just as you video…. I bought a new motherboard. but another technician is telling me that it may not be usefull because it has a charged problem… what do you think? my laptop is an acer aspire E15 S12-512 with intel celeron N2840

Marchello Jenaba says:

very excellent teacher

pei broker says:

when you find out that the problem is the motherboard, do you use the voltage part of DMM or resistance ? it seems a lot on youtube from asia can check the voltage regulators etc with just the DMM…if you can produce any of these type of videos, would be much appreciated …I have acer aspire e1 571, and have the schematic… thanks

Christopher Morales says:

i have an acer laptop, i replace my ac adapter because the previous one isnt working anymore, after i tried the new one i notice that the led indicator on the new ac adapter is blinking fast.
i cant turn on my laptop because of this, i try the adapter in the other laptop and its working fine. can you help me with this.

ive already try troubleshooting you did on the video testing everything. but still no power. led on ac adapter is blinking fast.

thanks 😀

Ereatara Kokiri says:

that was awesome i shell watch all your videos

caio nebulous says:

Hola, hoy reinicie mi notebook toshiba satellite L-45 y al encender empezó a decir reparando o algo asi, entonces cometi el error de apagarla a la fuerza osea dejando presionado el boton de encendido, de ahi no prende ni carga, no muestra luces de carga ni nada
Alguna solucion?

william cruz says:

i have a toshiba qosmio x875 i Was using and turn off and never start again . i did all you did and nothing no light what i can do

SurprizedDaily says:

where you located at brother? Have a Toshiba laptop here that I'd love to get working again….was working fine, then powered off and got up the next day to find it got a hardware error and will not boot into windows, nor will it even let me into the BIOS to boot from CD Rom or USB to try and fix it….borrowed a hard drive bay to try and get the 300GB of data off the drive that's in it and it's saying the drive needs to be formatted? It seems the motherboard could possibly be faulty? Being it's not even allowing me into the BIOS?

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