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Repair Laptop Keyboard Water damaged Wasserschaden Part 1 Disassembly

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1. How to fix a your liquid damaged Notebook Tastatur Keyboard with this instructional Tutorial video.Part 2 http://youtu.be/FkLmeNvXt-g water damages a glass of coffee tea dumped.fall damage ,Flüssigkeit ,
wasserschaden ,ein glas tee kaffee gekippt.Disassembly ,Change Key .
!! Warning !! Fragile .Long repair time and working hours
Working again: not guaranteed .
You are performing this repair at YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Laptop Repair Disassembly j500j500 says:

Keyboard Change Key .(Wasserschaden) water damages a glass of coffee tea
dumped.fall damage ,Flüssigkeit ,ein glas tee kaffee gekippt. Disassembly
guide Video

Cosor Alexandru says:

Myeah, thanks for taking out the part where you remove the most important
key… the spacebar.

Christie Trinh says:

Holy crap, I just bought a new one for 10 bucks. Done. 

CMDR MadCronos says:

Бля, да это же без ножниц, так и я в детстве джойстики чинил, мда,
амерекосы хуле

Wilde Cat says:

Poor innocent keyboard :(

Gerald Glenn Vergara says:

my laptop keyboard is working,, how to break my keyboard please help,, 

jaimelizur says:

I remove the keyboard and I just put it under running hot water for 1
minute , dry it with a paper towel and shake it and dry it again and leave
it outside under the sun light with the aluminum facing up and the keys
facing down until gets dry.

wooo weee says:

Removing the front plate is interesting if only because it seems the cheap
replacements on amazon or ebay are “frameless”, so you have to swap that
part onto the replacement.

dohshin says:

The metallic backing sheet appear to be no need to be removed. Also the
circuit is shielded in a plastic sheet and does not seemed be the one you
can damage by a bit of water drops. Is this honest offering for curious
children who may try to fix by themselves? While bad quality keyboard could
become malfunctioning? If they trusted you and follow they could only spoil
the warrant?

marcques mouton says:
ready2eddy says:

What spray are you using? Alcohol?

bccron says:

Super video as keyboards seem to be the weakest point in especially
netbooks. And keys fail like on their own. Have to replace for spouse and
self and spouses laptop was less than a Year Old even. So seeing every
step of a keyboard gives some confidence in repairing them a easier levesl

Magdalena Bartosiewicz says:

*+Gerald Glenn Vergara* Lol, why ask this? You want a working KB

Manami Rize says:

Its fun..

Lindsay johnson says:

Whay did you use to clean it?

Asentric Gaming says:

My laptop is a Windows 8.1, I accidentally spilled water on the keyboard
and now when I try to use it all the keys doesn’t work, I don’t want to go
to best buy to get it fixed and I don’t want my parents to find out so
please help me D:

dram710 says:

Ain’t nobody got time for that

raymond villaraza says:

e mga loko pala kayo ekaya nga repair laptop keyboard pinasukan nyo nanaman
ng “bili ng bago” megsi elis nge keyi dite -_- mge lekeng kano pele te ene
be nemen yen

olop87 says:

Just buy a new keyboard for just 25 dollars and your done.

Deyshel says:

q peligroso mejor la mando a arreglar

Asentric Gaming says:

My laptop is window 8.1..

Victor Turblad says:

I found when doing this that the mat where the electric circuits run
through is actually twice as long, folded together as one piece. There
where water between the two peice, i managed to get them to fold up and
removed the water, now several hours of reasembly later, the keyboard works

Paramveer Singh says:

Wow factory level repair wow you know your stuff

JordanLove Xx says:

If the thikng isz typikng likne thisz., will it workn?

Pili Garrido says:

its a hard work i dont believe i can do it¡ but congratulations for your
patience i prefer go on with my auxiliar laptop, i damaged my laptop with
wáter but doesnt matter.

Gubelat says:


Steve La Motte says:

Cant you just buy a used one on e-bay and sick the whole thing in

ghettohillbilly1 says:

I’ve replaced many keyboards but never sucsessfully cleaned one, the
passages where the “wires” go from key to key seems to short out and keys
no longer work, not to mention getting all the keys off an on without
breaking any is anything short of a miracle

Sibte Shah says:

i would rather buy 10 other laptops if has to go all through this OMG

Hovhannes Petrosyan says:

thaaanks bro

hamza benji says:

hehehe this is painfull .. rather buy new one

normal esteban says:

just buy a new keyboard for $40 and dont waste your time…

wardz de guzman says:

thanks for this video…..its a big help to all first time like me

artisticagi says:

vacuum it then wait for it to dry and bring it to the apple store. i dont
know what the hell this is but i’m not doing it. next time you should keep
your drink an arms length away from your precious electronic equipment, or
on the floor or a lower level. that way if it does spill, you can speedily
snatch your laptop away before it reaches.

kmhamidi says:

hey i opend my kepoard after water went inside it n then i saw most of the
water was inside the clear film keyboard i opened that also to clean up but
now some of the keys are not working any advise?

My GamePlay MrBenEfe Spiele says:

Thanks Mate helped , a bit complex but good tutorial ,thanks again.

NASIRUB1 says:

OK thanks, I’ll try that.

Laptop Repair Disassembly j500j500 says:

sorry for later reply this trick keyboard for all.. but again not
guaranteed to work

ElDrHouse2010 says:

myeyote4phep I tried to write that my keyboard has water with the keyboard
fuck im sad

Lo Vaz says:

Is it bad to wash the static membrane in soap and water? I did this with my
samsung np300e5a-A02uB series 1 keyboard after coffee spill let the parts
dry for 2 days and reassembled now some keys wont work did i wash away the
static pads?

Laptop Repair Disassembly j500j500 says:

Thanks to Edward de guzman & MrBenEfe

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