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Repair iPhone 6 not Charging

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In this video, REWA tells you why your iPhone 6 cannot charge and how to fix it.


Mehar Imran says:

good job

Mona Sen says:

iPhone repair in Kolkata? can anyone help?

Michael Boot says:

What is the name of the music?

amber wright says:

in your video you said to remove tin from the pad. Are you referring to the solder balls?

mega pro says:

how to repair iPhone 6 not Charging
1. learn Chinese
10 years later
2. buy new iphone 20

Nour Ben M'barek says:

which dongle are you using !

Sir Haugen says:

Do you ifx this also for customers? =)

thiefrules says:

don't put shield back on?

Julio Miguel says:

6:00 where did it goooo?

Andrii Istomin says:


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