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Repair Damaged Aluminum on the iPad 2 3 4 Corner Tool

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This is an in depth look at how we use the re-corner-it tool every day to fix dented and dinged iPads. The corner tool will also help straighten the long sides.

Re-corner-it tool allows you to productively and effectively reshape the corners on dented iPads and iPhones. The tool acts as a backing form to allow the movement of the aluminum corners on the I device back into place. This allows quick and consistent reforming of corners and productive repairs. This device also allows for the reforming of corners on the iPhone 5/5s devices where the back glass does not break and the joints stay in tact. The device works on the new ipad mini and ipad air as well.



salem pal says:

Where can I purchase one of those? Ur ebay link is invalid. Thanks

george thee says:

great video. is there a way to ‘paint’ the corners back to a aluminium
look?! i heard sharpie but I have my doubts?! 

joseph sanchez says:

Yea I really want to know where you purchased that corner template 

Brian Snale says:

Working ebay link: ebay.to/1uScGJR for the ‘must have’ ipad corner tool.

Mike Endo says:

I must have one!

ifixa2z says:

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