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Repair cracked cell phone screen for $10?

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This is me attempting to repair my cracked screen on a Samsung Galaxy S7 using a windshield repair kit.


Ariana Frizzell says:

I give you props thoo for thinking of the windshield repair kig. I guarantee you before you tried to fix it everybody was like dude this is genius! I'm disappointed it didnt work thoo. It was to good of an idea for it not to work!

Jose Rosado says:

lol men you can get a better phone wen you sell the phone someone will give you 200.oo for it

Brandon Perkins says:

I wouldn’t give you a dime for s phone you used a box cutter on the screen your stupid to even try that 200 my a**

Edward says:

we got same mind, i was about to say "sell it as slightly used" asap rofl

Robert Skip Curran says:

Thank you for taking the time to share the fix. I think it worked well enough.

Luckier Than u says:

And I watched it with a cracked screen , Ashtin. Pretty sure we all have had cracked screens and watched before

Luckier Than u says:

I watched your subscription count roll to 800 after I watched your videos. Keep it up bro.

Ramon Chinea says:

Sorry that phone aint worth no $200.00 with a good screen, let alone with a crack screen.

Cefsi YT says:

I have a huge crack across the bottom of my iPhone do you think this will still work

Maureen L says:

I just got one of those repair glass kits pray I do it right

Maureen L says:

What product I'd that you have for windshield repair kit can I get it on Amazon?

Tabitha's Life says:

I got my phone like three weeks ago then a week later it had a scratch and then it got bigger without dropping it now it has a crack and I AM SO FLIPPING PISSED AT MYSELF

tristan calderon says:

You can just put a tempered glass

Justin Zzyzx says:

Try this stuff, it would not help with THAT crack, nothing is going to make those cracks GO AWAY, but if you smash you phone and need to use it – Original Touch Screen Repair Glue

Nick Vue says:

I can't see the crack bro

Elsa Shorty Ytuarte says:

Just give me the phone if you want

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