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[ReiBoot] How To Fix Any iPhone / iPad / iPod Stuck In Recovery Mode (iOS 12 – iOS 7)

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In today’s video, I will be showing you how to fix your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if it is stuck in Recovery Mode, Apple logo boot loop or simply refuses to power on and goes directly to Recovery Mode every time. The Recovery Mode on iOS can easily be identified by the fact that in this mode, any iOS device will show the iTunes logo (which may have different colors depending on how old your device is and which iOS version it runs), a power cable which can be the old dock connector or the new lightning one, and an arrow. In this mode, the phone will wait for commands from iTunes for a possible software installation. It won’t boot further until it’s either kicked out of this mode or a restore happens.

In some cases, the reason the phone is in Recovery Mode is that of software damage. For example, if you were jailbroken and you accidentally deleted important files required at boot-time, you may end up in Recovery Mode. One can also deliberately put an iPhone in recovery mode by using the appropriate key combination.

Using ReiBoot you can kick the device out of recovery mode in most cases. You can also put the phone in recovery mode if you need that, and all these can be done with the free version of the software. If, however, the phone refuses to boot normally after being kicked out of Recovery Mode, ReiBoot can also reinstall the iOS – please do keep in mind that any data that wasn’t backed up to a computer before the phone got restored will be lost and your iOS will be updated to the latest iOS version available.

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F.C.E. 365 TV - iDevice Central says:

WARNING! The advanced repair option (that you can use if the phone refuses to boot after you exit from recovery mode) will restore iOS and update it to the latest version available. All data that is not backed up will be erased. The normal "Exit Recovery Mode" will not delete your data and neither will update the iOS.

Markus Karl says:

Useless for me I have ipod touch

Nagato Madara says:

are sure this work???

jesse playz says:

Amazing video my friend. Figured I'd come watch before I go live stream on my channel (: keep up the good work and how Are you ?(:

arshdeep singh says:

Are these modes free? or something payable??

Yoni Sherer says:

I have an ipod 4 running iOS 6 which is locked for the next 2000 years is there anything I can do

ZPlace says:

I'm late again :/

Trent Hazbroek says:

It costs money to exit recovery mode?

احمد الدوفاني says:

What I do?? Stay in 1.4.1 or upgrade to 12.0.1??

Baraa Airbender says:

Nice bro what about jillbreak IOS 12.0 ?

Gugulethu Brian Ngobe says:

Hi does this software work with the a iphone 5s because i heard that when its stuck on recovery mode it a hardware problem


well thats fuckin awesome
i was waiting for something like this for a very very long time

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