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Question: Is the Computer Repair Business Viable in 2015?

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i was watching your video you had posted about the computer repair business back in 2010

when i was leaving one company to go work for another my peers and even some friends were telling me to open a computer repair shop. then and now i dont see how these mom and pop stores make any money in computer repair,and that is the big reason why i didnt did it then and still dont know how these repair shops are still in business now.

with computers being as such a low cost at the brick and mortar stores and even cheaper finds on the internet, do you see the computer repair business still being a viable service industry? or do you NEED to do more than just computer repairs, such as working on servers and even delving into the network side of this industry running cable, installing AP’s and switches?

i am sure a lot of this depends on your region of the country or even what city you live in.

-James S.


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BrainSeepsOut says:

Not just that but computer repair people have earned the “scam artist”
reputation for selling snake oil etc (yeah THANKS Geek Squad). This sort of
business is MAYBE viable in a second world country where people don’t
upgrade as easily (300$ is a ton of money in Poland) and a lot of people
are still clueless about computers. But not in a post-recession America.

GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis says:

today i m making a lot money just replacing or add SSD to my customers and
they are happy with their improvement.

Shortcut says:

you make a bunch of fair points,about the bussiness n all. But it’s like
you are comparing your local shop to a walmart or something. offcourse
walmart is where the money is. even the most succesfull computerrepairshop
in the WORLD makes less than yr average webdesign company. 

Eli the Computer Guy says:

“Question: Is the Computer Repair Business Viable in 2015? “

Shnoshk says:

I run a craigslist ad for computer repair just to get occasional work on
the side. I don’t get many calls, but when I do, it is an easy way to get
an extra 50-100 bucks in your pocket with little effort.

GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis says:

i think all depend of the country you are in. here in argentina computers
are expensive and people prefer to repair them before buying a new one

GeekmaticTV says:

The thing you gotta remember about running your own business is all the
bull shit work that comes with it. When you for someone else, you clock in,
clock out – and get a paycheck. When you run your own business, you have no
clock in or clock out time. You have myriads of paper work to do. Customer
service damage control. Payroll. Receipts. Taxes. Accounting. Insurance.
Liability. Permits. Blah blah blah. You’re right Eli, that stuff isn’t for
everyone. I’d hate to get into a business doing what I love and have my
soul sucked out because of clients, paper work and tax time. I’d rather
just me an employee, get paid a salary, and get to work on technology all
day. To some, it’s worth the extra money. But most of the business owners
spend the first 10-15 years exhausted, stressed and underpaid. Not my cup
of tea.

renegade8164 says:

Well, there isn’t as much “problems”, but there still is things people will
pay for. I’ve done money on helping people install Windows 7 on new Laptops
with UEFI!… I”ve done that many times because it’s not as easy as
before. Or configure/install VPN/OpenVPN which sucks in Windows 8, etc. and
other small headaches which still exist with Windows 8.

Well, now when Microsoft has stopped selling licenses for Windows 7 it’s
even more wanted, until Windows 10 gets released I guess, but hopefully
that will fix a lot as I’ve seen much features they are grabbing from
OSX/Linux finally.

But saying that, it’s not my main income/job.

Dieselpunk says:

Repair is still viable because, let’s face it, shit still breaks down—
users perform their own percussive maintenance, folks love their porn as
well as gaming and torrent sites which boast a lot of malware, etc., that
someone needs to fix for them. However, having a business which deals with
only repair is bad. You need to be able to offer as much as you can.
Repair: laptops, PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, etc. On top of that,
you’ll need something else like web and graphics design as well in order to
turn a profit. This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. The more you
can offer, the more money you’ll make.

sergendrix says:

🙂 I am happy to listen to another computer technician about this kind of
yep sure computer repairing is going to die, maybe slowly, but thinking to
recents facts happened they make me think… To install a computer in an
office (a new computer i5 8g 1tb w7pro etc..) it tooks to me a whole day!
yes, make backups of old datas, install all the needed applications,
periferals, restore, check with customer etc… 1 day of full work and
possibly he will call the next day for something more, the problem is that
you cant ask the price/hours coz it will cost more than the entire
computer! anyway thanks for your videos, really apreciated

Aaron Pace says:

I had a side business I did when I was in high school. I was in a small
community, and after about 4 years I had made a pretty big name for myself.
I really had no over head and just had basically all profit, but I also
charged a lot less than other people and big box stores. I had fun doing
it and it looks good on a resume. But I agree in today’s market, I’m not
sure how well it would go. 

Steven Hite says:

Big time true. Apps,Apps, Yes sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plenty2say says:

Great video. Question. Is the A+ certification worth getting if you plan
on learning more advanced things like networking? mobile security? Or is
A+ something that should be skipped entirely? 

ElcockDane says:

What lenovo tablet are you using? 

classicmodernreview says:

I was actually thinking of starting my own computer repair business along
with being a robotics engineer in a few years. Thanks for setting me
straight Eli. 🙂 The computer repair business now to me just really isn’t
worth the time nor money for me haha

Jordan Carroll says:

“Question: Is the Computer Repair Business Viable in 2015? “

MrJuniorice says:

Being a teenager at one point in my life 30k a year was living a good life.
Now being 20 years old i know that 30k-50k a year really isn’t good.

Frankensleeve says:

Eli, thanks for the video. Out of all the topics you cover, I get the most
out of your business experience.

Luke Grekat says:

$35.00 and all the housewives you can handle! Lol!

Jimmy a Geek says:

I m Using My Acer i5 Laptop for Last 5 Years and Still is Working Like Rock
So Really We Don’t Need Any Computer Repair

i OS says:

I work in a electronic computer repair shop, and they is very little money
in computer repairs more money on electronic computer repairs. I make money
in the electronic side of repairs and not software or hardware side, a
typical electronic component will cost less than £1 and a repair price of
£50+ like a switch mode power supply repair, or laptop mainboard were one
of the components have failed on the power circuit. That is were the money
is now. ghd, PCBs, PSU, TVs etc… 

Bruno Lauris says:

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