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Question: Is Geek Squad a Good Choice for Computer Repair?

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Is geek squad a good choice for computer repair?

-William T.


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See Vang says:

I work for Corporate Best Buy – Geek Squad TSA.
When clients call in to confirm their estimate cost on repair parts, when it looks ridiculous, I tell my clients the truth. I tell them, you would rather just buy a new computer or take it to another Tech company to repair and see if they can get more cheaper parts. Because the parts we get for repair are coming STRAIGHT from the manufactures. Parts from manufactures plus cost of labor is what adds to such a high price. Honest. And i still work there.

Doodleman says:

Is geek squad a good STARTING point for IT professionals ?

Zero Playz says:

I went there today and got my motherboard installed. They didnt plug in my main hard drive, but only my SDD. And my VGA port doesnt work. -______-

EntKing89 says:

This appears to be a bunch of BS to me. I worked Geek Squad for 5+ years. I am not saying they are the greatest by any means, but they are far superior to your local techie kid on Craigslist. The warranty in claim here, was a manufacturer warranty. They should feel grateful to have the company they purchased from be willing to ship to mfg and have repaired. Geek Squad and Best Buy have no liability here, yet they still provide options like shipping and receiving from mfg for these customers. Had they purchased a protection plan or tech support, the cost would have been completely covered. If this customer had purchased from you or direct from mfg, their only choice would be to box and ship machine themselves .

Yes we are there to sell. We are also there to back those sells up with exemplary customer service and repairs. This is a business. All businesses are here to make money, not friends. Have your friend build you a machine and than try to decide what to do when mobo goes out. Good luck…

I'm sure this experience differs from store to store so I'm not saying you are completely wrong. However, I had many customers come in after paying 200+ at a local tech support, still needing our services.

Getting locked out of an account is BS. I'm sorry Microsoft decided to have Wondows 8^ accounts tied to a Microsoft account, and you can't remember your damn password. That is 100% your fault, no one else's.

This video is completely bias based off someone that makes money by telling people "pay more here , because I will do better than Geek Squad"

James Faust Jr says:

geek squad is the worst. best buy sucks in general. they scam you on top of scamming you. please, save your money. and sanity. lol

Phillip Stephens says:

Best Buy should be call Best ripoff

Well and Fit 1 Now says:

Those clowns took my computer to remove viruses. I paid 210 dollars. Took it home. The computer began acting like it did when I took it in. I took it back up there after making an appointment to get it. There was only one guy at the desk. A Black guy. Why now of all times? Because after having my computer a second time for a week and a half, it still wasn't fixed. Maybe they figured with me being a nice older lady I wouldn't go off on tha young man.

Philip Wynne says:

well said about squad

David Harris says:

I wouldn't say stay away from them they are a big company so once in a while you run into some bad eggs as with anything company. Never had a problem. But I only like to deal with level 2 so not the first people you speak with its who they transfer you to, they know what they are doing.

ThatOneGraveHD says:

My main Best Buy has knowledgeable people that know about pcs. But, i went two towns over to another geek squad, and they were horrible. It depends on the store, or the agent

thomas watson says:

hope you realize geeksquad instore cannot repair motherboards in store do to CORPORATE restrictions soo ya we cant due to our bosses repair them instore.. motherboard replacement runs 3-500 depending and thats if it outside of year mfg

Pyrous Lavawalker says:

I worked for BBY before and after the acquisition of Geek Squad. Originally, the tech bench worked on everything best buy sold except for appliances. I remember using a 24V dc power supply to activate the motors on a VHS to remove a tape for the local police. We were given tests before we could begin work at the tech bench. Mainly questions about motherboard resources configurations. For example I remember my boss asking me what the default IRQ of a sound card was.

Then geek squad was aquired. I believe it was BBY's attempt to dumb down the tech bench so they could pay the employees less by moving sales staff into the position so they could sale more services. Us tech types were a bit too honest I guess.

I also know BBY was having a hard time defining what a computer repair was. The sought to unify all problems into the smallest amount of solutions. This meant things like virus removal slowly disappeared and was replaced by format and reinstall. A lot of us original tecs have moved on and have been replaced by sales staff that knows very little about computer repair.


I have geeksquad on now

CallMeFreakFujiko says:

Well I wished I knew this before. I was having problems with my laptop so I took it to them. They said that the hardrive was dead and I needed to get a new one. They couldn't transfer my shit from the old laptop to the new one. They told us to try this place where they charge $250 to start. I said that I'll just try it myself.
Got home. Logged in to the old laptop. I was able to transfer the most important files to a flashdrive. Something that they couldn't do, and I was able to do it for six bucks. (The price of the flashdrive. It was on a Black Friday sale.)
And then I realized that I'll need to know the link to a website I never remember the link to, so I go into the internet just to grab that link. Well, THE LAPTOP'S WORKING JUST FINE NOW!
I'm going to give it a few days before deciding to take this new one back or not. I'll probably take it to someone who can actually do their job and if they say that there's nothing wrong with the hardrive, I'm going to go back to Best Buy and get my money back!

Hilo says:

I'm a pretty computer savvy guy and I want to apply and work in best buy, hopefully the. geek squad, will I lose brain cells working for them?

ricardo mediano says:

Lol, had a friend ask me where she can donate her laptop for parts because geek squad told her the motherboard was broken and nothing they can do to fix it (wouldn't turn on).
All i did was removed a RAM stick, and Presto! the thing worked.

Abdeladim Jawad says:

Geek squad are a joke

Benjamin Williams says:

Why are you not comfortable with Norton? The majority of my clients are corporate accounts and I have them on Symentac End Point Protection. It is a cloud managed antivirus solution and it is a great product albeit an annual subscription applies. All of my clients but one has had positive results with this service, the one client let their subscription lapse for a month and it was a little bit of work to get the application to resync with the SEP server services. We got past it and everything is right again.

Benjamin Williams says:

I agree with the comment Geek Squad Caution. BUyer think twice and get a second opinion from another technical support company Please.

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