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Pliertek iPad 2 3 4 Corner Repair Tool – www.PlierTek.com

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PlierTek is the most effective tool in the market for iPad and iPhone corner repair, please visit our website www.PlierTek.com feel free to email us: info@PlierTek.com if you have any questions regarding this product. Thanks for watching !!!!!!


Rafael Bernal says:

I really need it!
How much guys?
Do you have for newer iPads like Air and Mini?

Ramses Luna says:

cool …how much? and where I can buy?

Max camilion says:

Will this work for macbook pro? WHere can I get this?

Franco Solitro says:

Hi Jonathan, its available online http://www.PlierTek.com thanks again 🙂 Franco

Jonathan Guy says:

were can i get one of those???

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