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PC repair for DUMMIES – No signal to monitor

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Try this simple fix if you computer wont show a signal to monitor guys..


Juan Es says:

Well I did that and my minister still gets no connection and my computer is making a beeping sound

Dapple Grey says:

My Mac mini is not starting up. It makes the usual noise when being switched on, but I keep getting on the monitor screen "no signal"…any ideas? I have tried pressing various keys but nothing so far happens…

ladybluu says:

i bought a new pc i need help its a pc straight out the box

Jose Granados says:

Thank you so much. I thought I was screwed for a second.

Leo Hamilton says:

it didnt work for me

Sosuke Hasamki says:

omfg thank you thank you thank you thank you it fully works 100%

Prashant Pagare says:

thanks it's work thanq very much …

Anjeg says:

Pete can you make a video for fix a cpu working fine but when you play like a half hours.my computer turn to no signal. sorry bad english

wavy dave says:

thanks pete,you saved me a load of cash

jamie vlog tube says:

OH MY GOD! it did not work!!!!!!! Very depressed.

Johncgaming11 says:

thanks u fixed my pc

gidget tube says:

Wow this really did work for me. Got up this morning to find that my pc monitor had no signal at all. My first thought was that my wireless mouse needs a new battery. Well change that, and still nothing. So i Look up you tube videos on how to fix your signal to pc monitor, and came across yours. So i did what you said in your video. And it works now. Thank you So much for Posting your video.

GTA Videos says:

it works but when the windows starts loading it takes a lot of time

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