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PC not starting up ??? | Dead PC Diagnosis and Repair

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So guys today we got this hardware from our nearbuy PC repair shop and we were told that this PC was not booting up, so we will performing some simple test that what can be the possible reason for PC not booting up.

From our theoritical knowledge we can conclude that there can be just 5 main reason for PC not booting up that are

1) There can be a fault in Power supply unit (PSU) for checking the PSU we will plug the A.C source directly into the PSU and switch on our system , if the green light is lit on the motherboard somewhere it means your PSU is absolutely fine and it has no problem.

2) Second reason can be just because of the CPU that is just located below the fan , for checking the CPU first we will try to remove the fan, so after removing the fan and partially removing the thermal compound we will try to switch it on and we will place our finger on the CPU and count upto 5.
Remember guys just switch it on for exactly 5 seconds or you may result in ruining you PC forever so do it at your own risk.
After 5 secnds i was able to feel the heat of the CPU so now we can conclude that our CPU is working absolutely fine .

So now we tested or PSU and CPU as well and both were working perfectly fine so it now time to move on to next possibility for PC not booting up.

3) Third reason for PC not booting up can be just because of faulty Graphic Card in this video we dont have any GPU installed, but if in your case if you have gpu installed try to remove the GPU and then try to boot up your system if your system boots up , then its sure that your GPU is faulty.

4)Till now all the parts of our system were working absolutely fine now its time to check the most important part of PC that is the motherboard.
To test the motherboard we will first have to remove the ram sticks and try to boot up the system and wait for the continious beep sound. If we get continious beep sound if get the continious beep sound then our mother board is also absolutely working fine.
So now performing this test in this we case we have only 2 ramsticks.
We are going to remove both the ramsticks and then try to boot it up.
So now lets wait for a the beep sound.
After waiting for few seconds we were not able to hear any beep sound.

Now finally we can conclude that our motherboard is faulty.

OH ! no now its a total scrap ..

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Parsuram Naik says:

sometimes my pc working fine sometimes it's not even starting up , what could the possible reason ?

Ashish Rastogi says:

sir mera CPU start Nhi Ho rha

SJA video says:

not working cpu

Ritesh Killekar says:

i òpen my cpu and removed all wire and also i removed procesor after sometime i fixed 2 there position and start the cpu opps tat it'nt working not turning on bt before opening the cpu it was working fine???

AWSMgAming 009 says:

i opened my pc once and i removed some wires now i put them back but i dont remember where was which wire now its not turning on plz help

jas pal says:

my problem is. my computer is not started

ayaz farooqi says:

I can't understand em fuckhead

mohammed ishaq ron says:

brother help me

mohammed ishaq ron says:

bro help me

Himi Singh says:

when I start CPU so it is not starting ..

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