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PC hardware repair. Must watch basic but important.

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Here is the hardware repair for Asus desktop PC.

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Bert Cochran says:

thank you, I learn much from you.

Tushar Saini says:

Aba Hindi ma bool Kaya Hindi only hindi

Basheer Uddin says:

basheer_uddin57@skype 00971567347751

adadee2me says:

how to solve my computer i was shutdown but it was restart my computer

iTzM7MD Rocket League says:

I have a problem when I go to system recovry options my mouse dont work ?? please help

technical omkar says:

hello sir , mere pass asus ka motherboard hai me chalu karne ke baad 2 minute chal raha baad me no signal bol raha hai sar me kya karu , sar maine hard disk , ram , powersupply, , cabinet , change kiya sab karke dekha sar magar nahi ho raha hai please help ??????

Duck My thing says:

nice english with 4x speed

Rotbart1337 says:

Guys? If i want to get into repairing hardware and stuff, where and how should I learn? Any recommendations?

Kenneth Shiro says:

Yeah I would think not using your pc tower as a garbage can would be pretty basic.

Shoruno Thong says:

stupid….how can all those dirty stuffs go inside…and a cd!!!!! seriously??

shadan shaikh says:

sir I won't help

pelon gonzalez says:

nice how to fix broken plastic and no you cant super clue it  saludos!!

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