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PC Diagnosis and Repair

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In this video I turn the camera on to film a ‘live’ diagnostic and repair and explain the reasons for each process along the way. Enjoy!

Replacement motherboard:

Black & Decker DP240 Cordless 2.4-Volt Direct-Plug Screwdriver

Want to learn more about the Tech Bench Carey uses in this video?

Harbor Freight Test Probe (dental pick) set:

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows:

Tech-Vets Podcast (FREE!):


See more of Carey’s video’s here:


Aaron August says:

Leaf blower that's new, I use compressed air. I love hearing those fans whine!

CPU OVER 9000 says:

nice i'm gonna remember that connector hack

kofi agun says:

very helpful

Anders Jørgensen says:

Had that problem in 2008. Buy the parts to find the bad ones was not an option so I handed it to a pc repair place/store. Motherboard and PSU were dead.

Osman Hussein says:

This is awsome. ozzie

palladini971 says:

You should have upgraded the OS to Win 7 Pro while doing this,
If you had my box, you would see a 120 MM fan at the back, a 120 MM in the front, a 80 fan sandwiched between the side and horn that goes to the CPU fan, a 4 GB graphics card, a Surround Sound Audio card and an IEEE 1394 card

Balvinder Kaur says:

very nice video i like it thanks

John Colella says:

Leaf Blower…just love it

Mountana Berry says:

Many thanks for your hard work and dedication, cheers

1967 kID says:

I clean my pc every 2 week's wow that will drive me nuts

Bad Boy says:

really helpful thanks.

Joe Bennett says:

good job,,,thx 4 the tips,,,and i love the little setup you have there lol

Javed Khan says:

Thank you for best video.

Skukz says:

Windows XP… that brings back some memories…

mike quinn says:

should say asus owns asrock

saladtossersofamerica says:

is this the guy from the show "Perfect Strangers"??

Raymond Gillinger says:

Awesome explanations

Mik Maik says:

I appreciate a lot your videos!! you're so clear in your explanations! bravo! greetings from sicily

Russell Hickman (Raptillion) says:


SumYungGai says:

Thank you for taking your time out to make this video.

harvey wind says:

Carey, I really like you and your vids.. great for recreational viewing as well as educational. If i weren't so geeky, I'd send equipment to you instead of hassling with it myself. I think you've got yerself another victim.. I mean fan.

richterdfr says:

Hello Carey, great videos!  Kitchen on my screen is a little dark for my old eyes.  Thanks

D. Braun says:

On your Facebook page you mentioned something called the "Windows 7 roll-up," a few days ago. Can you give a link to that update file?

Roger Hanson says:

Oh my goodness, did you see all those short cuts?

Billy Mays says:

you have a cool dog

Ravi Pariyar says:

great videos thanks alot…

DOLRED says:

57:40 The German Shepard thinks—-My owner is still talking to himself. He does this all the time.

DJ LNR says:

i remember this video from many years ago. Great video and beautiful dogs, well looked after indeed!!

MorteSeoinage says:

great vid, lots of info.

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