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Overheating Laptop Fix

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This video will show you how to renew the heat sink thermal paste on a Dell M4400 laptop.
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Rathin Tewari says:

sir how to perform fan in a laptop

procc says:

What to do if, fan cleaning and thermal paste changing, does not help? 😐

Peter P. says:

would you believe just did the same with a 2 weeks old Alienware and the original paste looked even worse

ABCD Group says:

Thankyou so much buddy =D I'm gonna give you the butterchicken -A

Gunther Fenz says:

That ArctiClean is amazing stuff, you can use it for so many things. I even recommended to the manufacturer to release it in lager bottles, it's that good. Great for removing sticker residue too without damaging anything.

mrromantimothy says:

I would look to add an extra fan, and also chamfer the air intake and exhaust to increase air flow, a lot of laptops and game consoles are not engineered to dissipate enough heat .

Timothy Danielson says:

What of that 3rd IC? you cleaned it but gave it no paste. I hope it continues to work. I know THIS comment is MANY months after the video was posted, and any heat issues likely would be seen in FAR shorter time spans. Hope you caught it.As of 10:57 you didn't I will watch the rest and hope.

Dale Gregory says:

Had a similar problem on an old Vaio laptop. I added thermal paste and copper heatsink shims. I thought this solved the problem, but turned out that the fan/radiator unit had lost its coolant gas inside. after a $5 replacement my 9 year old Frankenstein laptop is working great. Keep this in mind if the problem reoccurs.

Spelter says:

Why didn't you not clean up the fan and give the fan bearing a new goop of oil? It's not much more work and you will love the quiet sound of your pc.

Ichiban Moto says:

thanks dino ! typically your electronics videos make my brain overheat and I pass out, however this one will be helpful as my old laptop cooling fan runs continuously blowing very hot air !

RupluttajaGames says:

Boom, all of a sudden it becomes a Windows 10 commercial.

ReabowRotors says:

sporting win xp!!
i can give you windows 7 or 8 for free if you like?

MidwestMotoRider says:

Also be aware they are still tweaking Windows 10 and over heating (The OS running the CPU and GPU to hot) is a common problem. Everyone wants to run the latest and greatest however remove Windows 10 until its been released and final. I removed it from my Ausus for that very problem. Replacing the compound is only a temporary solution as Windows 10 may again start cooking your CPU and or GPU. Read up on Microsofts Beta support for Windows 10 website it goes into details there. Windows 10 on your laptop at this point is bad or at least can be. GL man. The other comments are correct never put compound on both sides besides bubbles you run the risk if it oozing out to the sides and causing more issues.

mrman17 says:

I used to do the same as you did, but as others have said, you should not spread it (you can get voids/air pockets in the transfer paste doing it this way). You only need to put it on the CPU itself (in fact should not put it elsewhere as some heat transfer pastes conduct electricity and can cause obvious problems if you get it in the wrong place), and depending upon the CPU model, some say to put a spot/pea's worth on, or put it on in a line across it.

Saying that, though, this will probably be better much than what you had and if it works without issues, then it's not a problem. It will be more important on high-end machines, or machines that are pushed to their limits more often. If you are in any doubt, you can try some software that shows and monitors the CPU's core temperature, and check that it's operating well within the manufacturer's limits.

olnberg says:

Any updates on the CB 750?? I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that project.

PhattyMo says:

I'm in the habit of cleaning the dust out of the fans (and maybe adding a drop of oil to them.),re-gooping the CPU,GPU,bridge,etc. heatsink once every year,or so. The cleaner stuff is overkill,IME. Honestly,rubbing alcohol and Q-tips work fine. Ya should have done the other chip,too.

Dean Segovis says:

So far so good! Fan cycles on and off more than it used to and runs for shorter duration. I followed the instructions on Arctic Silver's website. The paste that I applied to the copper heat sink side is a very very thin layer.

Szymon Krasuski says:

Arctic pastes are few degrees behind the best on the market. But price is right and easy to buy everywhere….

The Baj says:

Does your fan not turn on right away when your laptop gets a bit hot? I didn't understand that part. Also if there is really hot air coming out of you exhaust, it means the heat-sink is working well (scavenging the heat away from the cpu/gpu), maybe the fan isn't running fast enough?

kd1s says:

Oh, that tiled shit on the start menu – no thank you.

kd1s says:

One thing I like about Dell is that they don't put their service manuals behind a paywall like other vendors do.

The Majastic Creature says:

That is not my problem it over heats anyway gpu

Francois Hoffman says:

If the exhaust air is hot, that means that the cooling system is working properly. Overheating is an indication that the CPU is being overloaded, most commonly because of system fault such as a faulty device driver. It could also be that the cooling system design is undersized and cannot remove heat generated, generally due to bad design or space constraints

Alex West says:

What are the advantages of using this arctic silver cleaner stuff over isopropanol? Smells of snake oil to me…

uK8cvPAq says:

Babbys first repaste.

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