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Official iPhone 6s Display Assembly Replacement Guide – iCracked.com

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iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair & buyback company, shows you how to repair your iPhone 6s with their Official iPhone 6s Display Assembly Replacement Video & Instructions.

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You can reach us via Chat ( https://www.icracked.com/repair ) or send us an email at support@icracked.com or give us a call 1-877-700-0349. We’re available Monday – Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

P.S. We’re actually kind of a cool company, so be sure to check us out online!

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ioane gatenadze says:

i just did everything same as shown in the video, but i damaged the microphone flex cable near the speaker, it's cut little bit, so will it affect the performance?

Gustavo Rodriguez says:

One of the screws from my thermal plate refuses to come out. I've tried everything listed below… Everything before this was going smooth.

Spare14All says:

Thank you so much man! Excellent Video, wish me luck ;)

Keevy93 says:

Did he get the tape from the old screen on part 22:55 when reinstalling the thermal plate on the new screen?

Emmett Turner says:

You know, fingernails would help a lot if you aren't going to wear gloves anyway.

Emmett Turner says:

LOL! "Official" I guess Apple endorses this? 😉 Not that we need permission (I've done plenty myself).

Jennifer Wong says:

Thank you for the step by step instructions. My boyfriend and I were able to replace my phone's screen successfully!

Stephen Switzer says:

The screw driver both in 2 kits that I purchased is not moving the screws on the thermal plate so I'm stuck with a dissembled iphone…

greatru1n says:

thank you thank you thank you. this video is great!!!! you are a life saver!!!

aidan fortune says:

no need to do all that no need to heat it up either I work in apple repair center

V T says:

I used this video twice. it's very good. I want to tell people who want to use some other 6-minute long videos as tutorial, don't take chance, use this video. You won't regret it.

Leo Silves says:

my screws on the thermal plate are all unable to unscrew!! i tried everything any ideas? i would really appreciate it thx

The honored Servant says:

Watching this from my cracked iPhone 6s

Burnt Banana says:

okay i forgot to put that metal plate back over/on the three main connecters, is it absolutely required? dont wannna rip the screen off again…

Jane H says:

what is that blue thing on your wrist?

Hasna Ramli says:

Very helpful… i can fix myself.

Alayna Colip says:

what is the importance of disconnecting the battery?

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