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Official iPad Mini Disassembly and Teardown – iCracked.com

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www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair company, got its hands on an iPad Mini on opening day and performed their official unboxing, disassembly, and teardown for all the Apple and iCracked lovers out there!

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Hunter Allen says:

I’m watching this on my iPad mini

Mando Rodriguez says:

so cutting the LCD tape does not do any harm? where you used the knife…

Steve Lyttle says:

Please help. The screen will not come on.i did everything just right. Does
all of it have to be screwed in for it to work

Adnan Alam says:

very good video , clear instructions: just wear rubber gloves just to make

Octavio Moreno says:

Does tothpaste helo your ipade

Burhan Rana says:

Why the brand new ipad was already activated? 

Xiaolin Wei 'Brian' says:

what a mess

Burhan Rana says:

Watching this on my ipad mini :P

Jasmine Luxuary says:

Poor ipad hhhhh

The Camo Duo says:

Soooooo evil………………

thebeetlejoose says:

You forgot to mention the MOST IMPORTANT part of the install. BEFORE
REMOVING the digitizer and the LCD ribbons you MUST DISCONNECT THE BATTERY
ribbon cable. If you unplug the LCD first it will cause you to blow your
backlight fuse for the LCD.

Matt Agee says:

Where did you buy those suction cups ? I really like those !

TheOnlyonejeep says:

and also the new minis only have 7 screws….good old apple
waste not want not…lol

siasiekw says:

wooow guys. dont listen to these fucks from icrack. go to ifixit dot com if
u want to assembly anything properly. im a technician in 1 of the companies
that repair electronic devices. this guy just disassembled and assembled
the ipad back with the same screen. what about preparation of new
digitizer? thats the point of disassembly, right? u want to put new
lcd/digi on. there is home ribbon which has to be folded in a specific way.
there is quite difficult soldering job to be done (IC connector and home
ribbon), u have to keep 3 tapes and put them on a new screen (they cover
chips and wake magnet). also, u dont open it like a book, u open it from
the top to the bottom straight away. the way he’s done it, u can damage
every single ribbon. shitty unsafe job. also, he didnt say anything about
3G version, which has antenna flex cables on the top, which makes it more
difficult to open, also he didnt say anything about using kapton tape,
which saves the day sometimes. shitty job, dude. shitty job. i guess i have
to make a tutorial vid on my own with proper explanation. oh and btw. to
clean it properly, u need cloths that u use to clean glasses, latex gloves,
some screen spray and rubbing alcohol. 1 cloth for wet cleaning, and one
dry for removing the smudges left by spray/rubbing alcohol. big dislike
here. u dont give any advices, u dont explain anything. it makes no point
just like hugging a whore for money. 

Bychard Barreau says:

Good Job???

astec cariocacell says:
stukkervsmongoose says:

Congratulations, just remove the lcd panel when the battery is still
connected. I hope your backlight gone. 

Stephen Napoleon says:

I think this guy is on the right track but there are always better and
safer methods for accomplishing the task of disassembly and repair. I am a
technician in an ongoing training process to keep up with new devices and
used this video as a guide. I found that the metal plate opens out to the
left like a book page if you gently slide it to the left of the case and
lift it up to the left from the lower right corner.

Adik Slambek says:


flashbak01 says:

Wouldn’t want you working on my iPad Mini! Show them the back cover where
you placed it and slid it on the tweezers numerous times.

I am Isa says:

Fuck its like Disassembling a chinese phone..

Temo Kirchxeli says:

Official iPad Mini Disassembly and Teardown – iCracked.com

GamePro cz says:

best disassembly

G Parc says:

obviously this was taken apart before. Can’t be brand new out of the box
has fingerprints.

manuel prieto says:

It’s so cool my ipad is broken and the screen in peeling off and I just
touch the screen and not the LCD and it works lol

Felix Kokasih says:

4 comment lalalal #unimportant

mat k says:

theres a few steps that made me think, wow! is that how you do things!

ColemanBud says:

who cares

deadlock742 says:

apperently u if u commented about it

Simon B. Dumanon Jr. says:

bravo! cheers for sharing…

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