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Official iPad 3 Screen/Digitizer Replacement & Instructions

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http://www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair company, shows you how to repair your iPad 3 (WiFi, LTE + 3G) with their Official iPad 3 (WiFi, LTE + 3G) Screen/Digitizer Replacement Video and Instructions.

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Michel DC says:

The home button doesn't work anymore. The rest is just fine but that stupid button.

Daferret ! says:

I need to repair my iAd because the doe I took it to didn't fix it right and now my screen is broken

曹生 says:

It is perfect work.

Andronikos Zantis says:

Very detailed and easy understood video !!! Thank you very much i might attempt a repair myself 🙂 you've earned a subscriber

Christoph W says:

Great Video well done

cappuccino efe says:

14.29 !!!!!!

Maria H says:

Such an excellent tutorial. Thank you so much for explaining and demonstrating so thoroughly. I fixed my daughters ipad2 (which required an ipad 3 screen and digitixer for some reason????) and she is over the moon. Thanks again. 🙂

Stardust Ninja says:

Can you use a hair dryer

sergion2006 says:

Nice work! Better than that only if someone did it for me :-).
Thanks a lot!

Richard Hicks says:

Extremely helpful thanks 👍🏿

evanofelipe says:

Thanks for sharing your detailed directions and advice on iPad screen replacement that I successfully followed to the 'letter'. My screen replacement went reasonably well with the minor exception that my particular digitiser connection tab had white lines on top that did not disappear when inserted into the connector. After several attempts to push the connection tab deeper into the connector, with due consideration 'not to distort, the tab too much and measurement comparison with the original, I concluded that it was fully engaged, even though the lines remained visible. Clearly this fact must vary slightly according to the manufacturer of the replacement digitiser. The next issue arose prior to completely fitting the digitiser during testing for full function. My experience was that the digitiser did not appear to work consistently well, so I stripped the iPad down several times assuming the connection was suspect (as described above). In the end I decided I had nothing to lose by finishing off and completing the installation, I removed the inner screen protector, peeled off all adhesive strips and securely fitted the new screen only to find everything worked fine. I assume it's function must have been compromised by leaving the protector film in place. So now having heated up the screen rim I've left it under pressure overnight to ensure good seal and will test it further tomorrow. I reviewed several other video!s on the same topic and thought yours was the most comprehensive guide. Most don't mention disconnecting the battery that could be important as it would be easy to inadvertently catch the 'on' button when moving the iPad about in the process.

Mike Kruft says:

A Very helpful tutorial. I didn't have the nice tools but I took my time with what I had. I used nail varnish remover to remove the adhesive residue. I used a hair drier instead of a heat gun. New digitiser fitted and working.

Mike S says:

Thanks again for a great video, well done. Nice trick with the guitar pick too!

Rafael Rj says:

I removed mine by letting heat over the toaster and slipping a credit card underneath the glass

Chuck Harman says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

Kaash S says:

Great video! A must watch if you attempt to fix an IPad 3. The difficulty will make your balls sweat though. I appreciate the details he shared in this video.

Marcelino Gonzalez II says:

You did a great job! I learned a lot from you. I really like that wooden holder you used for the adhesive. I will probably have to use the 15 book method though for the 24 hours. Keep up the great work. I will make sure to subscribe to your channel. Take care. The best to you always!

Alex White says:

Thank you for this informative, helpful video…I just saved about $150.

iwascool13 says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this in-depth video. My broken glass on my ipad is now repaired and working wonderfully.

B Jolly says:

Not exactly sure why you broke the glass out in pieces. I've replaced 3 broken digitizers on iPads with shattered screens and it still always lifted off when I took guitar pic and loosened around entire edges first. This is so unnecessary and I can see why you need safety glasses with your method. Only takes about 20 minutes to change it out if you don't gouge it out like this. Sorry. Thumbs down on your video. Look at that you even have shattered glass on your LCD. Wow!

kapil chauhan says:

Just finished replacing my cracked screen, good as new. Good product and saves lots of money.

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