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Official iPad 2 Screen / Digitizer Replacement Video & Instructions – iCracked.com

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www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair company, shows you how to repair your iPad 2 with their Official iPad 2 Screen/Digitizer Replacement Video and Instructions.


Chris Kerhin says:

Bought your elite package. Went fine I think .. Forgot to disconnect
batteries ..screen is on but barley visible .. very very dim ..also the
home button was put on crooked ..afraid to straighten it out. Thoughts?

Jonithen Jackson says:

Thank q u

Corrie Car says:

Do NOT wrap the LCD in “cling-wrap,” as the demo suggests (18:40). It will
leave tiger stripes on the LCD that I was unable to wipe off.

JoeVSvolcano says:

Besides the tools, whats the difference between this $70 digitizer and the
$13 digitizers everyone else sells?
I already own the tools and trying to find more value besides the pretty

Dondenemo Dondenema says:

Would be a good idea to tape the cracks from the beginning before start
opening the screen?, and would be necessary to use glue to secure the new

The Restoration of Dr Who says:

You need to get the foam inserts that go around the lcd to stop dust coming
in while its close.. 

lramos15 says:

My ipad is now stuck at a plugged into wall but not charging state any

Ed D says:

good job

Eric De Garate says:

The most explicity video i’ve ever seen, even an idiot like me can do this
job following your instructions. Thank you
very much. Subscribed thumbs up.

Z Amantes says:

Is this video just for the glass or is it for if the screen doesn’t come on
as well? My iPad turns on and still can move to my touch but the glass is
cracked and I’m so scared I’m going to ruin my iPad cause I don’t
understand how to replace it

IlhoonPlays says:

May I ask, how much is a digitizer in Singapore?

emsroks says:

Are the Ipad 2’s assembled with LOCA? It sure doesn’t look like there was
any glue holding the digitizer to the lcd in this video. 

Denise Smiley says:

My iPad cracked worst than that one

Ceiling Cat says:

Would a hair dryer work to heat the adhesive?

carissajstrasser says:

This is a very through video although the kid really needs to learn how to
use the mute and fast forward features. Also, get a kleenex kid!

Gabriel Jensen says:


Guglielmo Tommasi says:

turn off your hot gun plz! =P

samstealth7 says:

Thanks for the great tutorial very informative comprehensive and

Following your video i was able to successfully complete my 1st 2nd
generation iPad repair this morning!

thanks again. 

iCracked says:
Gabriel Jensen says:


Dan Simonelli says:

Thanks for your time TEACH You Rock SIr

Wai Onn Chan says:

Where can i buy the digitizer? Amazon? How much does it cost?

Jeffr O says:

Where did you buy this kit you are referring to?

Jason Stump says:

iPad screens can be a real job, mine came off just like this one. 

EliteBroadcastGaming says:

So, can the nylon spluger scrape the extra adhesive on the frame of the
ipad? Thanks.

Lenharts Custom Computer and Repair Services says:

Very Informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Uncle RAY says:


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