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Offical iPhone 5s Screen / LCD Replacement Video & Instructions – iCracked.com

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http://www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair & buyback company, shows you how to repair your iPhone 5s with their Official iPhone 5s Screen /LCD Replacement & Disassembly Video & Instructions.

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ricker says:

Thank u so much for posting this video. It was perfect for helping me fix
an iPhone 5s

Michael Barsky says:

After following every step, I turned on my phone and everything works
perfectly. However, the screen is very bright and I can no longer control
the brightness. When I lower it in settings, the screen does not get any
dimmer. In addition, the phone is heating up very rapidly at the top. What
did I do wrong? Can someone please help? Thank you!!

Vivek Sahay says:

1. The video is very detailed, precise and I could do replace the LCD
without any difficulty.

2. I am not happy with the glass which iCracked has shipped me. It has got
three holes near the home button. Its clearly a manufacturing defect. Since
my original glass has already broken and am in the middle of a major
business crisis hence I did not return the product but I am going to talk
to customer care as these 3 holes near home button look very awkward.

3. I would advise that when you are doing your repair you should keep extra
care of screws. I lost 2 screws and I had to rush around and atlast order
from amazon since I lost 2 screws.

Kyle Kearns says:

What does it mean when the left half of the screen is normal and the right
half is darker? I’m so confused….

Michael Alstead says:

i’ve done this exact job many times before, this time, my wifi is not
working, just says not connected and won’t find my wifi, or any.. any
suggestions? i can’t seem to find any vids on wifi replacements for the 5s 

dani martin says:

what an awesome tutorial. I’ve followed it and everything is okay, but
there is one problem though, there is no rumble now…
what could be the problem? help please

Porisis says:

A great video tutorial I must say. I buy my equipment and parts through
Phone Doctors instead. If you plan on doing this more than once, I
recommend getting a high quality pentalobe and 000 Phillips screwdrivers as
the cheap black handled ones barely last for one use. I also recommend to
go out to Wal-Mart and get a suction cup from the shower section as it will
work better. You can also use a metal edge tool to try and pry up the old
screen and then have a third hand to shove the nylon spudger in between the
screen and housing. Then carefully moving the metal edge tool around the
bottom and sides of the phone to pop the screen loose. 

leggo my meggo says:

I was very nervous to replace my screen since the comments made it seem
like everyone had a problem upon finishing so I took my time and followed
this video very carefully and everything turned out great! thanks for all
the little details to watch out for

Tim datoolman says:

I have changed a lot of iP4,4S,5,5C screens but no 5S screens yet and this
is one of the most thorough videos I have ever seen, great job Bro.

Andrew Grapes says:

How much to send you my iPhone 5s to replace screen and get dent out of

Ray Garcia says:

Thanks for the detailed video. I just completed the repairs on a iPhone 5s,
just take your time. I actually purchased a digital desk lamp from
performing previous small electronics repairs, I knew it would help
greatly. I also had a small tin can lid to hold the small screws in. a nice
uncluttered desk in front of a computer helps a lot! Great video!

408skills. says:

First The Suction Thing is Crap dont work at all so i had to mutilate the
lcd to get and edge to lift up
SECOND Mini screw Driver Striped while i was trying to unscrew the home
button so i Broke that off now i need a new one.
Either Have or Buy Real Screw Driver Set OR DONT DO IT.

Chris arrandale says:

Back in 2009 I tried to change a iphone3gs and failed, glass was stuck all
round the phone and i basiclly screwed the phone up. My 5s needs screen
replacing and my only worry is my organisation on those tiny screws. This
video gives me the balls to try it tho.

If it works +1 if it doesnt? I hate u for giving me the confidence! 

Randon Nelson says:

Put everything together and it showed an apple screen and then a red
flashing screen. reseated flex cables and now won’t show anything. Any

Eduardo Lopez says:

My message badge icon won’t go away ??
Wasn’t doing that before
We’re did I go wrong 

JYP914 says:

This video is great, I thought I was gonna mess up, but my phone is perfect
now. Thanks a lot!!

Troy Brostrom says:

I lost the ambient light sensor filter… what should I do?

Ros Mia says:

Thank you, you helped me change it my self and save some money ☺️

Adrienne Sopinski says:

Thank you! Great video.

RIEiiIGIN says:

got to skip a bunch because it came with backplate, camera,and home button.
Very good tutorial.

Rodney Jones says:

This video was really helpful thanks

Trond Schjølberg says:

Thank you, a very useful demonstration, especially all those small details
that otherwise ruin the whole job, like the small hinge and the vib.

Remy Chan says:

Thanks dude, this video really helpful. Thank you so much again!!!

tony seran says:

super helpful video and my phone is like new. thx dude

nasir abbott says:

is there a easier nd faster way

bub356 says:

Absolutely fantastic, finally fixed my girlfriend’s iPhone 5S and
everything is working fantastic. Thought I’d mess up, but this video was
super helpful! Thank you so much! 

Stephane Meuyou says:

fantastic video!! thanks for your help. this video was just perfect!! keep
up the good work. 

Hassan moussaid idrissi says:

Thank you boss

Ömer Ölmez says:

çok başarılı yalnız sarımsı duruyor ve retina ekran gibide değil 

imserious2187 says:

is it possible to just replace the glass only?

leefuji says:

+iCracked is the GPS receiver chip (the one that gets hot during GPs usage)
located at the bottom or top section of the iphone5s?

杨涛 says:

Great video! I changed my cracked screen last night, and everything is
working as original one! 

lexyaispanda18 says:

I dropped my phone in water , and half my screen is frozen and it flickers
can my screen has a line of where water landed on it ? Just want to know if
this is fixable ? 

Ofri Rosenfeld says:

I did everything that you said but my touch screen don’t work and my home
button, what should i do?

Roger Porter says:

Great video. Very well explained and clearly filmed.

Nic Rodgers says:

after the I did all the cables and I was testing the screen, the apple
shows up then the screen turns blue and shuts off. please help as soon as

Micheal Garcia says:

just replaced the screen, when i turned it on to check for good connections
the screen lights up but nothing else only faint light allowing you to know
the phone is on but then the screen goes black again. Did i do something

Kayla Horton says:

I can’t unscrew one of the screws on the bottom of my phone I got the other
one out but no matter what I do the other won’t budge 

Stewart Frederickson says:

best video on how to replace the 5s screen. instead of paying over $170
just payed $40 for screen and now thanks to this video i saved so much
phone works, all cables plugged into the right slots.
10/10 thankyou +iCracked 

Carlos Cuellar says:

THANK YOU!!!! Did it all just as you said. My screen didn’t work well while
testing it, but I went to your Live Chat & got help.

Alan Kirkuki says:

What is the name of that took you used to pop the screen????? 

laklx lex says:

my iphone 5 screen is not working, the buttons are fine . But the
touchscreen is not responsive should i change?

sharkscale says:

you have the best repair videos on youtube detailed description thank you
so much ….

steelersfan209945 says:

This guy seriously knows what he’s talking about. 

Andrew Patterson says:

for everyone about to do this, DONT, i thought i would be fine and it would
be all ok. wellllll lets just say my new 5s broke…. so advice to
everyone. FUCK THIS GUY.

unit2814 says:

Just used the icracked repair kit for my 5s and now the sreen works but has
a few small lines runing top to bottom. I followed the video exactly and
was very careful with all the ribbon connectors , anyone else have this
problem? Will these lines get worse? Somebody hit me back if they have and
experience with similar issue.

Bryan Morfe De Leon says:

Hello, I did this guide and the screen won’t turn on 🙁 Additionally, it
won’t vibrate or make any sounds, any ideas what’s wrong?

navida583 says:

Really help full video in details excellent video quality thx

a Moore says:

Excellent video, well paced and detail…Thank you very much!!! 

Dev Knights says:

when removing the 4 screws in the phone the top and bottom right screws
came out with no problem, the two left ones will not come out and they are
not stripped and do not have a magnetizer what should I do

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