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NO COMPUTER – How to fix Tongbu App Crash/Apple ID Error – NO COMPUTER

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“Go Cart – Drop Mix” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“The Owl Named Orion” – by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

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Peter Olmedo says:

It’s not working for me, I did it with my iphone 4 and my ipod 5g and it
just gives me a notification with an exclamation point at the end 

Adham Abdallah says:

Can you do two ipad one iPad Air and one ipad 3

Trickgamer23 says:

I don’t have iOS 7

AndroidVideos says:

Ive heard that it needs to be connected to a computer for this to work…
So do i really need a computer????

Antonio Ponce says:

ok but how can i do this on my computer since i dont have an ipad?

Paul Matthias says:

Does it work with a iPhone 5 and a iPod 4 gen on ios 6

Abdu Taher says:

what do u mean by activated can i just follow the steps in the video and
ill be fine?? and do i need to launch puffin browser

Dilan Wickramaratne says:

I tried and some Chinese message comes up with a OK! Button on the bottom.
Apparently I have to active it….how do it do that?

Overlordedgaming says:

I followed the steps and when I click the fix button for the device it
shows something in Chinese with an OK button

oun chhongpro says:

how to install puffin n 

Crazypete22 says:

I followed the steps and a sign poped out and it didnt work

Cheyo Reyes says:

Can it work with ipod and iphone

Camo359 says:

Will it work with iPad1 and iPad mini

Alton Chang says:

This DOSEN’T work. After I click the fix button, this blue button pops up
and says something about connecting to a computer in Chinese so I’m like
crap. I don’t has a computer and my dad won’t let me use his so I’m like
$@!?/. Please help

Shiela Sta. Cruz says:

do you have to repair the two devices on the computer to fix?

Niklas Animes says:

I have only one device. ;(

Malin Farhana Rahman says:

Do you need a Tongbu account to fix it?

leedin ownbey says:

Whats a computer fix??

Cloudy_Soup says:

IOS Tutorials, do you think that this will work with an iPhone 3 that has

Mykola Chornopysky says:

Can’t you just type your Apple ID and password plz reply

Jacob Fernandez says:

Dude u da best dis actually worked im telling all my friends about dis u da

Alea Nash says:

Doesn’t work for iPad so don’t even try. 

angel Borrayo says:

Do we need to have an iphone

Elsir Moe says:

You are actually so awesome!!, I can’t believe I didn’t thinks of something
like this, I’ve been trying to find ways to do it without a computer,
definitely gonna share this and tell people to subscribe

Karam Sultan says:

I tryed like you 100% percent but when I press the blue botton that it fix
it always say to me something that there a problem do u have a solution for
I will dislike but if u told me the solution I will ur dislike and like
plus I will sub

vubao hoang says:

iOS tutorials don’t u have another way without computer and with 1 idevice
plzzzz say yes

DJKnight says:

bitch fuck you
didnt work 

Jerry Liu says:

Something popped up

Jio Jean says:

I don’t have another device so this one won’t work for me so I’m giving it
a thumbs down.

Alia M says:

When I press one of the blue buttons it’s says something in Asian and then
I have to press ok. What does that mean and what do I do?

Nasro Mohamed says:

Will it work with ipod 5 and ipod 5

AndroidVideos says:

Does it work with 2 iphone 5s and does it wirk with the latest tongbu??

Overlordedgaming says:

How do u activate both devices?

Dennis Ocampo says:

My doesn’t work and I have a iPad mini and iPod touch 4th gen will that

Jenny Sanchez says:

Will it work if i try it with a Mini iPad and a iPod 5??

PcTutorialEasy says:

I have latest ios 7 version and IT work whitout computer

Daniyal Khan says:

It says something in Chinese and I press okay. Still nothing happens. Help.

FaydeShadowz says:

It’s still saying my phones on 2.4.1 and iPad 2.2.0 don’t work…

Sanic Exe says:

Is it possible to do without another device

Mwhg2322 says:


BerenBeer says:

Which version u need to have?

JackSwag says:

Can I use an ipad mini on ios 7.1.1 and ipod 4g on ios 6.1.7

Dantanban1234 says:

It’s just shows a” … “Do I wait or Something’s wrong?

ImOmarFtw says:

would it work with an ios6 and a ios7

Nguyễn Minh Trường says:

Does it work with ipad and iPhone ?

Sam Manning says:

I have both 3.0.0 and doesn’t work

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