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Never Use A Computer Repair Shop For Data Recovery

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This is a rant and an example of why you should never use a computer repair shop for data recovery. If you have critical files, especially family pictures and family videos, and you have a hard drive that is clicking and needs to be repaired, you simply cannot trust your local computer repair shop to get the job done.

In this example we show you how horribly incompetent this computer repair company was. This is a 3TB Western Digital hard drive. Our customer took the drive to his local computer repair shop first, and they completely botched their attempt and then called him a few days later to tell him that they didn’t have the right tools to do the job.

When we unboxed the drive, we noticed that one of the case cover screws was missing, and the case cover itself was bent and loose. None of the screws were even tightened back up.

Inside, the hard drive platter was nicked, scuffed and had smudges all over it. It should have never been worked on at all in that manner, and it may not even be recoverable now. Hard to say for sure, because we don’t know exactly what they did.

Looking at the heads, it appears the slider is missing from Head 0, which means that head may have scored that platter surface if they kept powering up the drive in an effort to get it to work.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, simply contact any of the good, reputable data recovery companies that are out there. Even if you don’t want to work with our company, there are others. Ontrack, Drivesavers, DTI, Gillware, CBL, and others will be able to help you without making the situation worse than it is.


the_dudette_abides says:

Are you able to recover data from a formatted HDD with reinstalled OS?

Daniel Cristurean says:

Never use a computer repair shop that does this to a hard drive.

matt_9908 says:

Hello, I'm very new to data recovery/hardware forensics but am very interested in this topic and have a few general questions.

On some videos on YouTube I see how some people can disable specific hard drive heads without having to disable all the other heads. Is that a thing that can be done on any PC or does that step require special hardware+software like the PC3000? If special hardware is required, how exactly does it do that? What can it do that can't be done with a normal PC? I've googled a little bit and couldn't find any valuable information about it.

And what was your way to doing professional data recovery? Are there any books or other resources which I can use to further educate myself about this topic?

I apologize for any grammatical errors and would be very grateful if you or someone else reply to me!

The GeForce says:

Any update?

trucker2b says:

well mines look like that maybe better…still clean

Ducksauce says:

so did you get anything off of it eventually?

TSpider Keeper says:

You can rant but how do you know the customers told the truth? For what we know they could of done it themselves. I work on computers and would not take a customers drive apart rather get them a warranty if not any on the drive and send it to the manufacture. If you have stuff you need to keep should always keep backups. You probably charge customers 1000+ dollars for service which if send to the hard drive manufacture on warranty you get a free replacement drive for the faulty one

calvin pringle says:

Hello like you video on data recovery can you tell me why you turn on the overhead fan thanks

Dasdfjkl says:

I am practicing taking a part and putting back together a drive that is already pretty bad. I took the case off and then back on, and the drive still worked the same. Then I took the parts out but my method to keep the heads apart failed. Putting it back together, it was recognized but just clocked. I am practicing because I have a dead drive that I actually want to get some files off of.

Dasdfjkl says:

I think a diy worked on that. Surely a computer repair shop wouldn't butcher that drive like that.

HDD Recovery Services says:

unfortunately, this happens very often. Have you tried cutting head 6 off? I am sure that this is still a good case to salvage lots of data.

omimon says:


I currently have a 3TB WD drive that is in the process of having data recovered. My technician claims that its a physical error that requires head swaps. My question is this, why does data recovery take so long? I have been watching many of your videos and as far as I can tell, from changing the heads to imagining the drive, it seems like it shouldn't take any longer then a day or two yet no matter where I look, everyone says that normally it takes around 5 business days. What is the deal?

Gary Beltz says:

The only time a computer repair shop can safely get data off a hard drive is when you have a dead computer (doesn't boot) and the drive is fine you can hook it up to an enclosure and use something like Acorns TrueImage and clone the drive onto an external drive or other media.

Gary Beltz says:

Was the drive a total loss?

Mauro says:

From watching your channel I have learned that files are stored on the platter in some kind of an ink format which must not be touched at all to avoid the damage of the data. You even filter the air to make sure the dust does not come on the platter aaaand they manage to touch the platter with their fingers. Wow.That computer repair shop has no idea what they are doing, because I as an ordinary person would probably do the same damage as they did. They are nothing more than a few random people just "learning" on others people essential data. This video seems it might help someone because I had no idea a repair shop could do such a BAD job. Still shocked with the cover thing part how do you even mess that up? :O

omimon says:

Why did you say 3TB WD drives are not easy to work on?

Vanadse says:

I do have a question unrelated to this case in particular, just general. Where did you get your training for Data Recovery Specialist? I have been looking around for something along those lines for a while, but haven't found anything that would inspire me confidence. Do you have any recommendations?

Amarbir's - Chandigarh Datarecovery Labs says:

Greg ,
Rename This To " Never Use a Computer Repair Shop For [ Data Recovery ] , I Have a Case That i Will Share On My Channel Soon .Keep Rocking ….

CatSay says:

The question then: How much was recoverable?

XSportSeeker says:

Ouch, terrible.
Let us know if you managed to recover something from this absolute disaster!

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