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My Laptop Is Very Slow – Solution For Hanging Laptop Windows 10

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Why is my computer Slow and how to fix it


Beverly Gechter says:

Thank you for putting this video up. My laptop is working much better. If you guys follow his steps then your laptop will work. Will recommend to others.

The PJ Guy28 Is back says:

My omen laptop is slow

Xzdan15 _ says:

Takes forever to open explorer._.

MaRz ixs says:

Can u tell me what is the importance of the files that we deleted

Mehmood Tv says:

My laptop sped is faster but still there is a lag problem

kaushik kawasaki says:

I working done

Manhal Rahman says:

Watch in 1.5x speed

ezra waiba tamang says:

wao thank you so very much

RCL Transport says:

I gave up hope on my pc. I used your instructions and it works so much better!! Thank you!

Vanshi Mathur says:

Thanks A Lot, Dude keep making such informative videos……..

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