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My iPhone Won’t Charge! The Real Fix From A Former Apple Tech.

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In this video, a former Apple Tech explains what to do when your iPhone won’t charge. There are four main components to the charging process: your iPhone charger, Lightning cable, your iPhone’s Lightning port, and your iPhone’s software.

First, try performing a hard reset. This doesn’t always work, but it can occasionally fix the problem if your iPhone’s software crashed, causing it to appear like it wasn’t charging.

Next, we recommend trying multiple chargers and Lightning cables, inspecting each one for physical damage. If any one of the physical components in the charging process is broken or malfunctioning, then your iPhone won’t charge. Many times, the issue is caused by a cheap, “gas station” Lightning cable that’s not Apple MFi certified.

Also try cleaning out your iPhone’s Lightning port. If there’s any gunk, lint, or debris in the charging port, it can block your Lightning cable from making a clean connection to the Lightning port. We recommend using an anti-static brush, but if you don’t have one, a toothbrush will suffice.

Finally, try DFU restoring your iPhone. Make sure to watch our DFU tutorial! Watch our video about how to perform a DFU restore when your iPhone won’t charge: https://youtu.be/qfas8iSqcaA

If your iPhone won’t charge after a DFU restore, it may need to be repaired. Visit your local Apple Store, or check out CellSavers and have your iPhone fixed within an hour!

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Hanz Volt says:

You two dorks are absolutely no help…..and after watching this sad vid i realize id rather wait at the apple store for a few hours

first name last name says:

im down to 2% im about to cry

Tracie Dalton says:

It seems like the advice you gave is very basic stuff. Then again I find these basic questions annoying when I call for advice.

Ramesh Chander says:

iPhone 6 is getting hot after plugging in and shows nothing on display like there is no battery logo and it just keeps heating and wont turn on .

Kleanthis Amt says:

Guys i nee help!! i have an iphone 8 plus at when i do the reset the SOS thing starts beeping.is it suppose to do that or naah?

James Bond says:

Simple Way to Fix Iphone not responding black screen
Contact 1-855-837-9963, iPhone 5/5s/5c: 3 Possible Fixes for Home Button Not Working /
How To Fix My iPhone Won't Charge!. or other.

Alyssa Flanagan says:

Now… I have an IPhone 6 something. It might be a ordinary IPhone 6 but i don't know… I tried this tricks and hacks but nothing worked. Its dying at 97 percent and now its not charging. Please help me….

HS1891 says:

6:04 nice hand motion

Fullrusher says:

Or or …. they could just build it better so we don’t have to keep buy the damn thing lol and yes 20 bucks is too much for a wife for a phone that cost damn near a grand and some time more

jcweld says:

Thanks, an old toothbrush just saved me a lot of hassle.

leon deleon says:

Thank you !!!! My iphone was not taking charge. I did a hard reset and when I turned my phone back on It was taking charge !!!!!!

BatteryProductions says:

how is the battery NOT a part of the charging process???

Layne says:

Thank you so much. I had done a hard reset but as you mentioned, did not hold it long enough. After 20 seconds, hey presto!!!!!

Mexican Waffles says:

Thank you so much very helpful

Inztant Gaming says:

i've tried everything you said and it did not work

xXRoyalMindsXx says:

lol if u need your phone to remember your sons birthday.. #ReEvaluateLife

Coco Rebelista says:

Thank youuuu guys! You just made my old iPhone 5s come back to life after 2 years in my cupboard! Thank you!!! 🙂

elli fazlee says:

Can i ask something new … Mine is 5s and already update ios 11 … But when i charges while i play instagram suddenly there is no connection either wifi or data but when o unplugged the connection is back .. Can i got and answer pleas

Obey Cowboy88 says:

Thank you so much it work now😊

Jeremiah Entendez says:

Guys my lenovo phone can't go up!!!
I charged my phone when it was 62% percent it won't go up and it went back to 61%

Growing Crystals says:

My iPad Air 4 won’t charge! HELP!

Lindsay Troen says:

What can i do when the apple logo comes on then it turns into a rotten/skull apple?

Daljeet Kaur says:

I Hate All These Fake Apple-Tech Employee's that make these fake videos for views and money.

Alise Vizule says:

Loks like my iphone problem is not thees

Tindall Tin says:

what if my power button doesn't work

Darren Gaudry says:

Great video, but I think it would have been better without the canned sound effects…

strongmoon1 says:


d6stevodamofo says:

thnx guys big help. holding down the buttons for 30 seconds or longer did the trick

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