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My iPad Won’t Turn On! Here’s The Real Fix.

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Two Apple experts explain what to do when your iPad won’t turn on. This problem can be caused by the software or the hardware of your iPad. This video will help you diagnose and fix the real reason why your iPad is not turning on!

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Schedule appointment at Apple Store: https://getsupport.apple.com

Check out our article to learn more: https://www.payetteforward.com/my-ipad-wont-turn-on-heres-real-fix/

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Kitten in a Cupcake says:

thanks guys It works.. Great help ,

XsnipezX40 4 says:

Thank you so much


Thanks bro i was so scared my ipad was not turning on.THANKS a lot

Mary Henchell says:

It worked for me thx

Captcha Neon says:

“the real fix” exactly the same instructions literally everyone is giving us which doesn’t actually help!

spec tre says:

Thx it rlly turne on thx man u got new sub

Con Nguyen Duong says:

I did that but didn’t work cuz it 0 battery

JyJy Extreme says:

Thank so much if I could give this video 100000000 likes

Tarun Lohni says:

i luv u so much hard reset worked

Sidney South says:

this was pretty cheesy but thanks for your help this is a really helpful video

Kiet Pham says:

Thanks, I thought my iPad was dead, but doing the hard reset turned the iPad back on. Well done and thank you for the video.

예희 says:

Thank you sooo much I thought my iPad was dead for good but you guys and God saved my day thanks Soo muuch

Da Wasabi says:

hi, i really need help. my iPad is a 9.7 Pro and idk why but every time i reset it, it takes so long to turn back on. i dont know if its because of something else or i just haven't been taking care of it properly. honestly, i am not using an Apple adapter for the charger cos it got stolen and instead, i have been using an android one. please, i really need to fix it or my mom would kill me. thank you in advance.

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