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My Home Repair Bending IPad Air 2

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So my nine-year-old son decided to do a number on his iPad air 2. This is my attempt to fix it. This is for entertainment purposes only . This video is not a professional fixing an iPad that was bent. Seriously, do not try this unless you are prepared to suffer a broken screen , completely at your own risk.


Jace’s Channel says:

I was playing Fortnite and I cracked my iPad over my knee😭😭😭😭😭

TR0PS says:

i bent my ipad from fortnite

nah fr

Declan Foye says:

Ur a god thx so much

Carlos Nabbud says:

Wonderful hack it works beautifully works

DheerTheBeast2020 says:

This is fake

Michael Griffiths says:

This is a very dangerous way to 'fix' the iPad. It may work but it is more likely to crack or shatter the screen.An alternative way is to place the ipad face down and place an encyclopaedia on it – favouring the portion where it is bent. Then place other heavy objects on top of that. Leave it over night and you will find that the bend is reduced.

FlyBoyZay FlyBoyZay says:

Thanks so much

Thang Za Thang says:

You are a genius

Virtual Gaming says:

It’s happened to my iPad Pro too, Just bent it back to place

Want some LOTION says:

My brother jumped with his pants down on my iPad Air and bent it

Sushant Koju says:

Thank you so much bro it works

Orkun Ateşci says:

my idiot brother done that

Sakthi 01 says:

i've got around 20 ipads at home all bent like this. I tried on my ipad mini 4 and it works. It's actually crazy how much money i've spend on cases that i thought would never fit on the ipads again. you saved my life. people like you is why i even have faith in humanity. Thank you sooooooo much.

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