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Most common fault on a Dead Laptop

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Hp 15-ac151sa dead, no power, not charging, motherboard repair
Flux: https://youtu.be/9xk76e7nzcw
Tools: https://youtu.be/KZ4be5-MUZU
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/electronicsrepairschool


Ben Dreis says:

Is it very hard to find that particular chip?
Why did it still pass the .8v? Doesnt it control something else also?

John How says:

At the 2 minute mark I decided to clean my dog's ear wax. There's 2 minutes of my life down the crapper.

Gwynford Dafydd says:

the fet could be duff they are difficult to test some times

dela wasty says:

Mr sori I have been watching all your videos and I want to learn how to repair laptop just watching your videos. Can I have diagram of circuit board of a general motherboard. How to check input and output please

John Sparozich says:

Each laptop is different.
You can't check anything without a schematic as you have No idea what the values are.

MasterMindmars says:

Okay. Thank you.

Musa Yahaya says:

Good we like it

F F says:

Why are you wasting your time fixing consumer products? Your talent can be used on medical equipment, military stuff. Unless you own that store.

Tim Copeland says:

very interesting approach.. what many dont understand is designed obsolescence combined with hazards of real world environments. There is no real upgrade path with laptops .. especially cheap laptops – not like he's fixing a $6,000 hi end machine.. from the time they are purchased they have a very short life expectancy .. How many 10 year old laptops do you see still in service .. very very very few .. those that are, their owners cant wait to get a new machine .. for the customer the options are repair or buy new .. they hope it is repairable so as to last a little while longer before they must buy new .. they know they will buy new eventually, just hope not today, They absolutely do Not want to spend half the cost of a nice new machine repairing an old one knowing its time is limited to begin with ..

is it a hack .. yes .. is it effective .. yes

The reality is .. this is a cheap laptop .. the repair was affordable .. making the customer aware that it was just a band-aid applied, with no guarantees beyond functioning at this time solves the moral dilemma .. the customer has their machine running without breaking the bank and can put that money saved towards a future machine .. they know if the repair lasts for years great .. if not … well they were going to have to buy a new one any ways ..

Thank You for sharing your knowledge

mrnicehearted says:

Thanks for the upload and for sharing this valuable info, but personaly, I'd definitely change that mosfet instead of just putting a wire there.

Ravens Computer clinic says:

Hello Engineer, My name is Mike from Nigeria. I have an Hp Envy 23 touchsmart pc. there is power but no display on the screen. I tried to clear the bios but no luck. with your experience what do you think could be the fault pls? thank you

Lindroid Hybrid OS LINUX says:

I had a sort of fix like this for the Samsung S2 , it was death not going on anymore , removed the capacitor responsible for the problem and it popped straight on , still works until the day of today – Subbed find me and the video on Channel48 – subscribed my friend , love the accent , are you from Romania?

Geonious says:

Neat. But, I would buy a used motherboard for under $20 and call it a day.

Kalte says:

For real repairs and not cheap workarounds check Louis Rossmann channel

Rod says:

If I do a shit job like this I'm fired in the next day

duke Jed says:

Mu friend recommended your channel, new sub here, from Philippines.

IvanI II says:

why u didn't replace the MOSFET

MX RACER says:

I love electronics! ……but parts are so tiny…needs a microscope

William Maynard says:

You didn't replace the part but you found the problem

yassine bellamrabat says:

nice worked

Popeye says:

You took the Mosfet out and never replaced it. That is not repairing the laptop

Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. says:

Use telephone wire and jump those terminals!

gar mar says:

Here in America we call this Afro-engineering. 😀

Stallion Microsystem says:

This is not called repairing at all, you bypass the mosfet responsible for inrush current limitation. This will lead to 2 different problems, 1st the battery stops charging whenever the charger is unplugged and plugged in again. 2nd Within a span of a month one of the 19v power filtering capacitor will be shorted, because of the inrush current of the system. The proper way of repairing would be something like this, 1st check the gate voltage of the two mosfet, it should be 25v and it comes from the boost circuit of the charger IC. If 25 volt present change the mosfet its got open, 2nd if there is no 25v, check the charging IC. Note: sometime faulty mosfet can chocked this 25v to 19v. You should be passionate in what you are doing and always keep your mind open for learning, Every tiny component on the motherboard has its own role, company have spent decades of R&D and Expertise to design that piece of marvell in your hand.

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