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Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

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Tools to Repair Mobile Cell Phone

Mobile Phone Repairing Tools – These are the tool that you will need to repair any mobile phone, cell phone or smartphone or iPhone. These tools and equipment are enough to repair any mobile phone of any brand including, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, LG, Huawei, Geonee, HTC, Micromax, ZTE, Sony, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Chinese Mobile Phones or any other brand of cell phone or smartphone.

List of Mobile Phone Repairing Tools and Equipment:
1. Soldering Iron or Soldering Station
2. Cleaning Sponge
3. Hot Air Blower
4. PCB Holder / PCB Stand
5. Solder Wire and Flux
6. Solder Paste
7. Desoldering Wire
8. Thinner or PCB Cleaner
9. Jumper Wire
10. Point Cutter
11. Precision Screwdriver
12. Tweezers
13. ESD-Safe Cleaning Brush
14. Multimeter
15. Battery Booster
16. Ultrasonic Cleaner
17. BGA Kit
18. Magnifying Lamp
19. Mobile Opener
20. DC Power Supply

There are many trusted manufacturers and suppliers of these tools and equipment.


Gajanan Phadte says:

IPA means Iso Propyl Alcohol or Isopropanol. Please ask a probable student for his opinions on your video to find out what needs to be improved.. Whenever, you use a term, see that it is a proper term, and not what you or anybody calls it locally. That glove is not what you explained.

Kunal Kumar says:

please tell me about software we need for repair of Android phone.(4.0.4). samsung s 6012

Godwin Mathew says:

Simple,sharp and clearly illustrative video.Great job.
I like when he hinted about screw drivers.it was easy and clearly.just went and bought them.

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