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Let’s Fix Computers Ep.14 – Trackpad Cleaning

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MacBook Air version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IimVE9IAwNw

Forgot to change the Episode number on the movie title. Boo hoo hoo.

Anyway- Is YOUR trackpad not tracking properly? Is it cracked or severely worn out and needs replacing? Then you should watch this video.

Apple Glass trackpad refit and replacement.

Disclaimer: I didn’t break your laptop. If you’re not a pro, then get a pro to fix it!


Aruanamic says:

I spilt a drop of orange juice on it and it crazy one moment I have control the next it's moving on its own and zooming in and out of things.so i decided to clean it like that only I didn't take the track pad off that cabal because I was scared and I think I cleaned it well I honostly don't know but it's still doing the problem idk what to do

Karina Rosales says:

So I wet my school chrome book should I fix this on my own I'm 13yrs old

kazZ 22 says:

Excellent. Clear, straight forward, informative .. No messing. Nice ? Thank you ??

Social Monkey says:

Excellent demonstration brother, thank you!! 🙂

Charlicoolface_ says:

I cannot click so I
have to plug in a mouse, please help!!!

David Ruekberg says:

Pretty helpful, but everything fell apart when I tried to insert the ribbon back into the housing on the trackpad. That housing is VERY delicate, and after a few attempts to get it to slide back in, I pushed a little too hard and RIPPED THE WHOLE THING APART. Gold contacts splayed all over the place like the hair of the daughter of Midas. I'll never know if my cleaning job fixed the trackpad problem because the housing is ruined. My bad: the only hamfisted part of the whole operation. I am used to PC ribbons and contacts. That ribbon is like trying to thread chocolate pudding through a comb. I did clean out the gold contacts and put everything else back together and fortunately the laptop still runs, but I have to use a mouse as I've been doing for several months. Goodbye trackpad, whimper.

Andrea Stanciu says:

I have a trackpad that hasn't been working for three months from the mouse not responding, to clicking not clicking, and now the clicking is okay but the mouse goes crazy around the screen when I touch the trackpad and it moves in the opposite of my finger's direction. Could I do this myself to fix the problem?

Fenton Heirtzler says:

In preparation to try this approach to correct the crazy track pad, I went out and bought a can of WD40. Immediately thereafter, without actually doing anything, the problem fixed itself. Very strange!

iVlog says:

Will this work for a click not responding after it had a little drink? The track pad itself works fine.

Duncan Murrell says:

WARNING – Do NOT use your fingernail to separate the contacts as he shows here. I did that and broke the delicate brittle clipping mechanism. I don't have any pvc tape at the moment to attempt to fix it with otherwise I will have to buy a whole new trackpad. I should have followed the directions of other people who first ease away the tape with something thin and then separate the contacts from behind.

johnsrob0 says:

I spilled the tiniest droplet of water onto the edge of my trackpad. It immediately went berserk, cursor zipping everywhere on the screen, clicking everything, doing all the gestures. Turned the computer off overnight hoping it would dry out. It eventually calmed down but the lower portion of my trackpad still wasn't responsive, and it would have mini spasms. I got a toolkit for $12 off Amazon and followed the directions in this video (even though I was terrified) and used a Qtip to get a strip of gunk off the underbelly of the trackpad. It worked! Trackpad is fine now. 🙂 Thank you for your service! I'm only a month away from finals and the local Apple repair shop would have kept my comp from me for 2 weeks and probably charged me $100. Screw them.

Jessica Petrosian says:

hello..nice vid…if you do all this process remove the battery and put it back again , will you lose every data that you have on the computer?..i mean photos,music,files etc?…my trackpad is drawed from one side and rised a little from the other side..cant perform left click and right click…is this happening because of dirt ?.

C Morrison says:

Thanks for this helpful video! It worked great and my computer is up and running! I didn't realize the screws were different lengths when I removed the back cover. I used clear Scotch tape and taped each screw next to the correct holes so I wouldn't forget which type went where. The 4 silver screws on the track pad are tiny; the screws extended 1-2mm past the head, so be careful taking them off. Putting them back on wasn't easy, either, as they were difficult to grasp. Walmart sells a screwdriver kit that contains 44 pieces specifically sized for electronics. It has every piece you will need to fix your computer (Y-00 tri-wing , star head, flat and Phillips). The brand is called "Hyper Tough 44-piece Precision Screwdriver Bits Set; Now Includes Y Type Bits!!!" for only $6.97. You can use this to fix any kind of electronics. We bought a similar $29 set from Home Depot, but the bits were too large for the Mac and we had to return it. Hope this helps!

Leandro Da Rosa Marques says:

Thank you. Have you considered monetizing this video? It is not for beginners yet it is really helpful!

Saugat Rijal says:

next video on how to clean a mac book pro ???
Please 🙂

Mauricio Martin says:

man i really thank you, this just helped me A LOT, thank you!

Roberto De La Rosa says:

You sir thank you for your video!

TFL3 says:

Will this work on a 2015 Macbook Pro with retina display?

Claude ACatta says:

Excelente explicacion ,de gran utilidad!!

Vanessa Ramos says:

Hello, i wanted to clean my trackpad because it was moving alone like crazy, so i did it and now its not moving at all. I used alcohol for cleaning it, and i can make click but the mouse doesnt respond to tha pad and the letters are a little bit hard. Do you have any idea of what I could have made wrong? I appreciate your help and the video is great ;). Many thanks!!

Garci4 says:

Really thanks for putting the damn "more info" right on the close thing on your fucking video.

Jose Nambo says:

what kind of screwdriver are you using? Thanks! Great video. very informative.

blc bee says:

Is it helpful for cursor moving on its own??
if there any reason for such moving cursor?? plz tell me!!

Hristo Hristov says:

Thank you a lot my friend! My trackpad was acting weird and jumping through the screen. Following your "Not tutorial" gave me the strength to open my macbook. It is position slightly at one side a little bit now the trackpad but it is working. Later if and when I buy ssd i will probably fix the positioning 🙂 Again… thank you and about the ESD it is possible (working at NXP Semiconductors) and trust me those tiny little chip bastards are dying if you do not discharge yourself before that 🙂

sushant chaudhary says:

why can't work my laptop maouse pad

Julie Nemier says:

Thanks for taking the time to video this, I fixed both my husbands and my own trackpad issues following your technique, worked a treat! I used 97% alcohol obtained from the pharmacy 🙂

Evan The Gamer says:

I just use a needle to get all my old drinks out….

Josue Orellana says:

brilliant and helpful! thank you

Juan says:

I didn't have to open anything, I just used a little suction to free the trackpad.

Benjamin Elung-Jensen says:

This information will kill your touchpad….you don't remove the cable like that unless you want to destroy the small tiny connectors on the trackpad…the cable is to be taken of the mainboard..not the thin end at the trackpad it self……I know…because this tutorial just finished my trackpad…………This guy ow me a new trackpad.

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