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Lesson #555 on Why the Computer Repair Business is Dead

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For our computer lab we bought laptop computers with Dual Core Processors, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB Hard Drives and N Wireless networking for $479 at Best Buy. There were some good laptop computers for only $340. At these prices it almost pointless to pay to fix a computer even for virus issues.


Harry Akira Eaton says:

Computers have actually gotten more reliable in recent years too, most hardware faults occur during the warranty period so people just phone up and get it sent off for repair rather than using repair shops, and hardware in normal use scenarios is coming to a level point where most devices can handle everything you want from them. Notebook sales have slumped but even tablet sales are experiencing a slowdown as not enough people are replacing what they currently have due to no actual need for more power. I bought an iPad mini for web browsing and car journey videos, upgraded to the iPad mini 3, but after that upgrade I haven't felt the need to have any other entertainment tablet, it works fine and anything else would be a waste.

Some of the Ultrabooks now are so difficult to repair too, with the CPU and RAM soldered to the board so if those fail you can't just pop in a new component, you have to buy a new motherboard which likely costs nearly as much as replacing the Ultrabook. Don't get me started with Apple's new obsession with glue.

aris oreta says:

If you live in a 3rd world country where 400 dollars for a bnew laptop is too much, a laptop repair shop is your cheap option, we have lots of that in our malls here

Bradley McMullen says:

You got ripped of on the laptop man. I have a computer repair shop and it's doing just fine. You should have looked around a bit more before buying that laptop. I sell ones with 8gb of 1066mhz ddr3 and 1tb HDD with AMD A10 APUs for that price lol.

tear728 says:

I dont think people realize this video is from 4 years ago :3

RukiriPlays says:

Can it run Crysis? ^O^

CobolScript says:

That was awesome thanks for the tip…rock on with your crapway and 4 gigs of memory.

xPocketsx420 says:

really that computer sucks balls and your like this thing is sick! Try playing bf4 on that and than tell me its a good computer.

Roman Sill says:

Shit, I'm really thinking about opening a computer repair business. Guess I'll have to sell product too.

Christopher Norland says:

the repair business is definitely most certainly not dead.  Eli u have some awesome videos

Howard Toole says:

Wow, nice, this is why my computer repair business is doing better every year, techs that cant change with the times…i dont even do smartphone or tablet repairs, and I'm so busy, I refer work out daily.  A good tech will always have work, yes laptops are cheaper, but I still do virus removals, data transfers, new set ups all day long…….techs been saying this business is dead for years, but good techs just keep making more money as guys like this give up.  Thanks for the business!!!  laptops are only 299 today and I'm busier than ever….lol!

On Call Tech says:

If you position yourself as your local authority, you can still make good money.

Truthman OneTwenty says:

It absolutely is dying if not dead already. Every year the prices of computers and hardware goes down. Hard drives are being replaced with solid state (no moving parts=nothing breaks) and storage is going to cloud. Physical media (CD/DVD) drives are being phased out and more and more laptops being made are excluding them altogether (Ultrabooks). Our society is becoming more and more dumbed down and simplified to the point where if joe sixpacks laptop burns out he just goes to his local best buy and buys a new one.

Fernando Perez says:

bestbuy is over priced!!!

MrBuzzBill says:

Corporations are making billions and landfills are filling up with millions of easily repairable computers because of this mindset. If you care about the earth and its resourses don't buy in to the "disposable pc" mentality. The law of "supply and demand" dictates that IF the repair buisness ends the suppliers of cheap pcs will raise their prices as demand rises. Computer repair is a critical componant of why pc prices stay low. Because of human nature the repair biz may die. But be careful what you wish for.

Dire Straits says:

I wish people would stop saying "The computer repair business is DEAD!!!!" The break/fix side on the low end is sure but I don't particularly want to deal with the low end even 10 years ago.  The computer repair business isn't strictly break/fix service.

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