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Lenovo Laptop Repair Replace Guide ThinkPad EDGE E130 E325 E330 E430 E530

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Disassembly Lenovo ThinkPad Edge New Series Laptop Reparatur Tamir Wechseln Mainboard Replace Tutorial (Guide) Wie Nasıl fan cleaning ,Lüfter reinigung , Change Motherboard .installation
This Video shows how to replace / Remove Lenovo ThinkPad EDGE,
Edge 11 , Edge 13 , Edge 14 ,Edge 15 , E320 ,E325 ,E330 ,E335 ,E340,E420 , E425 ,E430 ,E435 ,E440,E520,E525,E530c,E535,E540,e130,e135,e140,E30 ,E40, E50 Change.Intel i3 , 15 , i7 , Amd ,Fusion .
Change Keyboard http://youtu.be/27fPRfy9bec
You are performing this repair at YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Robby Cs says:

Hi, Coluld you please, tell me where is the eeprom in this laptop….Thanks

Bob Simon says:

Wow.. excellent video..

Maui Marques says:

Great video, thank you!

wronski11 says:

Mine started making a lot of noise after few years of use. Will cleaning the cooling fan make much of a difference? I tried to open the back lid and vacuum it, but it is still noisy.

huskyandreas says:

Nice video, thanks for sharing it. One question: where is the microphone on this computer? I guess it is dusty on mine so that I am hardly audible when skypeing. Or can that be due to something else?


for model E531 Change keyboard


for  odel E531

Alper Akdogan says:

novice master

Habtom Kinfe says:

amazing it was help full !!!

DynoosHD says:

very helpfull even with the lenovo edge e135.
not the same layout, but similar enough. thanks for uploading

A A says:

Hi, my E540 thinkpad base is broken and needs to be replaced, any video for that please?

M3G4G0TH says:

wow amazing! thank you!

Parantap Sharma says:

my speaker in thinkpad edge e530, a model similar to above but with num pad is producing squeaky voices when i play any songs… is there any quick fix(other than attaching an external speaker)… or do i need to replace my speaker? if i need to replace it, from where can i get a new speaker?

Depeche Toi says:

The case to this laptop is just to flexible, mine has cracked in the corners just by everyday use! Also my screen turns green and purple when I tilt the laptop in a certain direction. Only thing helping then is to pull the akku out and restart it. I tried to re install the OS but it has not helped

aki44 says:

wow, it's such a pain to just replace they keyboard… i ordered a refurb e530 on ebay (i5 for ~+$200, id say excellent deal) only to come with a french keyboard…   after watching this i conclude the simplest solution is to throw a rubber keyboard with the us layout on top … thanks for putting this vid up though. i used to be very much into tinkering with my hardware but i guess i lost my patience along the way.. too many screws for me!!!

Wolfgang Kovac says:

I hope I don't mess up.

Carlos torres moreano says:

excelent video

Carlos torres moreano says:

more tan 100 screws

_amfx_ says:

How high is the HDD or SSD? +Laptop Notebook Repair Tips Info j500j500 

_amfx_ says:

How high is the HDD or SSD? +Laptop Notebook Repair Tips Info j500j500 

Borat Wary says:

Fantastic video….. a screw driver is more then enough to open a laptop I wonder….

jotijott says:

Are there any other computers that have the same motherboard as lenovo E520 does? So I could get one from other lenovo to replace it

Travis Knight says:

This is not an e430.

Laptop Reparatur Handy j500j500 says:

Thanks to for all Comments…

Alex W says:

I'm going to buy a E130. Am I able to replace the CPU or is it soldered?

Laptop Reparatur Handy j500j500 says:

their laptop yet with warranty.
Air spray or Air compressor
Good idea,
but Workaround , makeshift..

Henrik S. says:

Hello! Is it OK if I just blow the fan with an air compressor? I know I'd be able to disassemble my comp like you do on this vid, but reassembling it is another story. 🙂

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