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Laptop Won’t Turn ON power LED blinking easy FIX

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This is the problem your laptop battery totaly discharge and the laptop won’t turn on even after you plug the charger. This is a very easy fix, if it dosen’t work first time try it again.
Technician: NIK
Presenter: Salli
Producer: NIK

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Extremegamer890 says:

This crap dont work at all

Extremegamer890 says:

This crap dont work at all

Pai Pai says:

Omg this just helped me

Benicia Hippolyte says:

I will try this on my laptop this best work 😐😕

jude alking hernandez says:

it doesent make any sense removing the battery then unplugging the jack PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON FOR 30 SECONDS??!!! WTF!!!!!

Space Syrup says:

Omg my charger wasnt connected and I was here streswing n shit

ushma lamba says:

Thank you aunty☻👿💩

Shahid Mehmood says:

it's not working

Cute Girls Got talent says:

Tnx for your idea

qorin nurul'iffah says:

Thankyou very much for your information 😊😊😊😊

Teten Sutrisna1 says:


Kaiten Plays Roblox says:

I have the same exact laptop (HP550) and I did all the steps. It still wont turn on, do you have any other suggestions I could try

Promise Gold says:

I have tried everything here but still didn't work…When the adapter is plugged in , the lights on the keys will turn as if the laptop is on But the screen remains black(No display) and will have to hold d power button down for some sec b4 it turns off….d screen is still blank… What should I do ?

Icy Effects says:

It won't work omg every video I watch it doesn't work kms :((

Vijay Nimar says:

My laptop does not work

Grand 8 Tiles Center says:

Yey!!! It works … thanks !!!

Hector Rodriguez says:

what was this factory reset on a dinosaur laptop

vidaoTime says:

nice cut at 2:34 feels very fake now like the charger wasnt plugged it and thats why it didnt start or something

vidaoTime says:

i see this tip everywhere and it never works its annoying as hell

Astonishedbulldog 858 says:

Wow thank you

Shadow102089 says:

I tried this and the charger light went orange at 1st, now it does nothing. No lights at all and still no power. What should I try next?

Elif Aslan says:

Allah senden razı olsun kardeş

Paige Guedea says:

Guys this is legit lol it worked for mine and im playing leagues of legend add me lol xMistressErzax thank u sally!!

Tam Nguyen says:


Tam Nguyen says:

What's the song??

Paige Guedea says:

Im a try this and see if it works !It might do the trick!!

nirob sagor says:

I have a laptop named asus. Last night unfortunately the display is off… nothing happened on display. its totally black like before starting the pc. but the mouse light, led light,charge light are on. I opend the battery and fixed it. but nothing working. so what can I should for this ?

janeleona bansil says:

thank you!!!!


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StarKawaiiKitty 129 says:

Not all laptops have fat batteries like dat

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