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Laptop white screen trojan virus infection easy fix

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If your windows computer or laptop starts fine but you have no desktop only a white screen with your mouse pointer, you may be infected with a ransom trojan like the police fine trojan horse. In this video I show an easy to fix this problem. Visit my site for extra info.


alwaysafix says:

@Alejandra Rodriguez Try starting the computer in safe mode and running
antimalware software. Good luck!

alwaysafix says:

@John Hardin Try starting the computer in safe mode and running antimalware
software. Good luck!

alwaysafix says:

@Stephanie Williams try running antimalware bytes from safe mode. Good

randall paul says:

Mine wont start is safe mode when I tap the F8 key and remains white, so
it maybe that I have a problem with my motherboard screen connection. But
that seems strange to me as the computer is brand new and I was downloading
a film we did off of Vimeo. Curious!

alwaysafix says:

@alfares tube congratulations on your fix and thanks for watching.

Rob Perez says:

Hi, I followed your video, but my thing is sometomes the color of whote
screen becomes violet or any color or a dead pixels, And there is no skype
on it but there are 3 white paper just like in the video and deleted it. I
hope it will work

lori37100 says:

it worked for me. Someone threw a toshiba laptop in the trash with windows
7 on it and i got the password off then i got this white screen. I followed
your directions and now i have a free laptop with nothing wrong with it.

CraigieB17 says:

I have just tried your video on my laptop and it worked perfectly! I was a
bit dubious because it doesn’t have Skype installed but it was exactly as
your video deleted the two files named skype and it worked straight away!
Thank you so much!! :)

Quentin Psy says:

After log in to my laptop, it goes to a white screen with a folder, no
desktop background or icons are shown. Then, I try to restart and hit the
F8 to enter the safe mode with networking, it just a black screen with a
folder on it. I can only manage to open tools (firefox, avira etc) through
browsing the folder. I am not whether this is caused by virus/malware or
the hardware problems.

alwaysafix says:

@Monika Necel good luck!

Michael Riccio says:

I have the blue screen of death and it took me forever to even be ale to
see the prompt screen with code. I am not sure what the “code” is it is
confusing ut at the top it says “unmountable_boot_volume” at the bottom it
says Technical Information: STOP;0x000000ED (0xFFFFFA80046B3B50,
)xFFFFFFFFC00000B5, 0x0000000000000000,0x00000000000000000). I am
completely baffled any ideas?? I think I picked up the virus after trying
to download video2mp3. net DO NOT GO THERE!! I loaded about 9 programs onto
my hard drive then totally disabled my computer. If I can track those guys
down it won’t end well (for them) 

Christina Jacomino says:

It worked for me!! Thank you! :)

Mahmoud Idlbi says:

I couldn’t find these files, but I found a Skype file, do I delete it?

Balkishan Makwana says:

thanks buddy it was great help, cheers,,,,,,,,

leon day says:

you my friend are top man,thank you,my laptop now works again,

Richard Manalo says:

I just have almost the same prob wiyh my daughter’s computer, but when we
open the computer it was totally a white screen, no mouse pointer, not even
loading or starting up the windows, we keep on pressing f8 but nothing
happened, nothing comes out.. please help…

reyl sam says:

thanks…im informed

Henry Pawlak says:

Hats off to you sir. Worked perfectly. This after Geek Squad techs at Best
Buy tried to sell me expensive service contracts. Threatened me with wiping
out all my data. They are just trying to sell stuff to an unsuspecting
public. You have performed an important public service.********** to you.

Curlz Tasch says:

Omgosh! Literally for YEARS I have had this issue and FINALLY something
God Bless

Doola Ciity says:

I did and typed everything correctly… Those two files weren’t there.. But
somehow white screen is still popping up

robert dillon says:

Ha! You are my hero right now! Thank you for showing me how to gain back
control of my computer.

Michael Riccio says:

Excellent advice. Thanks. Keep posting your great videos.

Eric Brado says:

Once I type the %appdata% it says “is not recognized as an internal or
external cooperable program or batch file.”

kaitlyn marable says:

wow thx

alwaysafix says:

@sonicthebomb123 glad to hear your computer is back on the road.
Congratulations on your fix, and thanks for watching.

D Bondoc says:

how would i know what to delete from the appdata folder, the one .dat file?

Crazyotic says:

I dont have the “Skype file” help

Breezy Vlogs says:

Wait, what do u have type in???

Sonu Manhas says:

Very nice bro

james panaligan says:

thank you for this vid its helps me

Abdelouahab Sahli says:

My laptop stoped in welcome when ï tried it ï waited more than 30min can u
please help me in this one ?

bgeer8452 says:

Sir, thank you very much for your help. I tried 3 or 4 other
recommendations before this, and yours worked! Thank you for sharing.

Lt Tna says:

That’s why I use Linux Mint more than Windows 7. Browsers, Downloads,
Emails, and the security that is suppose to protect your computer, even
gives you viruses too.

Timothy Wood says:

I F****** LOVE YOU!!!

Trip Hop says:

Hey, i have this problem and I am trying to figure out how else to get to
the Advanced Boot Options. I have a compaq presario c700 with windows 7,
but F8 is not one of the startup options there is no option for advanced
boot, just f1, f2, f8,f9, and f10 and none of them show safe mode etc….

Alexis Sanchez says:

alwaysafix mines a black screen

alwaysafix says:

@Lucas Venckaitis Sounds like you have a BSOD (blue screen of death). In
the advanced boot options select ‘Disable automatic restart on system
failure’. You will now be able to read the blue screen error code. Get
back to me with this error code, and I will try to help you out.

King Anderson says:

worked great. excellent, thank you. i was looking all over internet and
couldn’t find a working solution. much appreciaton

Quarteney Grinnell says:

Hi, so my laptop is an hp Windows 7 and has the blank white screen but
never shows the startup .. it just has the screen and ctrl alt del makes it
flash black then back to white.. before it was turning white, the screen
would sometimes work but then look staticky. It also said there was a
problem with the startup.. anyone know what’s wrong with it? Any help would
be appreciated thanks!

ChickCrack says:

I just got this trojan today. Your video helped me get rid of it. You’re
the best!

Mike Miller says:

For the folks who can’t get the F8 button to work, hold the power button
down until the computer shuts off. Then press the power button to turn it
back on. This will automatically bring up the safe mode option display
screen because you computer did not shut down properly. Then follow the
steps in the video. I just did it and my shit is fixed! Thanks!!!

Peter Garay says:

Dude, you just saved me from one of the most stressful moments in my life.
Thank you so much for this!

Edgar Garcia says:

Thank you

mjrules1234mj says:

When i press f8 it gives me a dif screen. Plz help

Blake Henderson says:

Thank you dude you pulled through in the clutch

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