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Laptop white screen repair acer

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In this video I troubleshoot and repair this acer laptop that shows only a white screen or messed up colors.


Mark O says:

Thank you very much. This fixed it.

1st time I saw the problem was when I was on the bus from Belgium to
England and it was very cold, the laptop was unbelievably cold to the
touch. Even my tablet wouldnt work!

I had:

1) White screen
2) Tap screen in corner – Black screen
3) Hooked up to HDMI – Worked = GPU is fine
3.5) Extending screen still nothing on laptop screen
4) Resat cable and now it works perfectly

minecraftbruser _ says:

Thx for the video! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

André Chipoco Lozada says:

I have the white screen after some weeks where I had to add some pressure
to the bottom of the screen to work. I can use my laptop with a HDMI
connected to a TV, but the screen is still white. I’ve tried reseating the
cable but it’s the same

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5742-6615

alwaysafix says:

@Songlyricsareawesome if you are comfortable stripping your laptop,
reseating the ribbon cable behind the back of the LCD is your first step.
Watch my video HP white screen easy fix for guidance. Good luck and let
me know.

starshine1ca says:

I am trying to repair my friend’s Aspire but there are no covers over the
screws but it has 4 vertical bars on top and 2 on the bottom. They seem to
push in but they that can’t be removed. Any ideas? BTW..great videos!
hopefully it will save her a trip to the computer store. :-)

DoolaCiity says:

I did this on my Pavilion dv6 and it’s still the same….

alwaysafix says:

@lexhus if you watch the other video, it proves that a GPU can be faulty
and output a normal signal to an external screen and a bad signal to the
laptop LCD.

Nick Tolmachoff says:

Tried this but still have a messed up screen, does that mean I just have to
replace the screen?

Phoenix HD says:

Excuse me i have a laptop its a packard bell n it was i think dropped n the
screen had lines with black splodges nect to them n it was dropped again n
now shows the start up display screen saying pakard bells logo withe black
backround as normal then goes white in seconds everytime i turn it on..wat
do i do? Do i need to get a new screen aswell as it getting fixed? Pls help

Wan Luqman says:

Excuse me i cant find the screws at my acer laptop the screw is at the same
spot in thd video but covered 

LajjP says:

I did this it was good for 1day now its worse! Please help mei realy dont
wanna buy a new laptop

Enkhbayar Amraa says:

plz help my toshiba is shows white screen while playing and when i pressed
alt+tab it goes normal and few minutes it happens again can you help on

alwaysafix says:

laptop white screen repair acer

Anonymoose says:

I replaced the screen on my laptop and now it’s completely white. I bought
a new flex cable, still the same. The screen is compatible and undamaged.
External monitor working perfectly fine. What could be wrong?

Anonymoose says:

Not the gpu since everything is fine on external screen.

alwaysafix says:

Customer never admitted to dropping the laptop, but I suspect it was either
dropped or the lid was wrenched open and closed with unnecessary force.
You’d be surprised how many laptops come through my workshop with the exact
same problem.

SongLyricsAreAwesome says:

Please check my video about my laptop having a white/gray screen, please
reply if you know what could it be and how to fix it thank you.

ElectronFun.com says:

I’ve never come across a similar problem, the ribbon cables were always
secured by sticky tape. Was this laptop dropped?

riccardo adiletta says:


alwaysafix says:

If the replacement screen has been tested, and is ok and its not the flex
cable, that only leaves the GPU. Check out my video on laptop black is
green and white is pink. I hope this helps you out.

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