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Laptop Shut Off By Itself? Cheap & Easy Fix !!

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here’s an easy way to fix that…
Ive done this with several computers and it has worked %100
If this doesn’t work then you have to go deeper into diagnostics


Toxic Aura says:

My problem is I go on the laptop for 10 minutes then it just shuts down, I can turn it back on but it keeps shutting down. Please help.

vee vee says:

I can even do this at the gas station

Ritchie San Juan says:

what about for people that dont have vaccum?

Hammam Saeed says:

Thanks man !!! It worked pretty well ! my fan was going loud all the time but now it becomes more quiet instead of going loud for very long.

psysesto25 says:

gona try it did you blow or suck air?

Diego Martinez Liscano says:

I have a problem where i use or play a game for an hour on my laptop and it just shuts down

Vince Maningat says:

i hope this works i wanna play again and if it will work thanks alot

Dohness Gaming says:

can you pls help me guys
i have a laptop it was very lagg so my friend consulted me to clean the fan.. after we got it cleaned the lagg was fixed and it was really cooling down.. but after that
whenever i play every 10 or 15 minutes the laptop shuts down with a "GRRRRRRRRR" noise inside
so i restarted it adjust some settings but still the same
i was so mad i almost threw the laptop
so what do i do in this situation???

Ratcat17 says:

Put a pin in the vent to stop the fan spinning and use an industrial air compressor to blow the dust out. I do it all the time as a computer tech.

Whodoneit says:

Brilliant!! Thank you.

krlitos says:

i found an old laptop from my brother. It boots and everything but once the OS starts to load it shuts down. I imagine it have to be this (overheating) or the HDD? In the morning i will try to clean it with the vaccum, i hope it works because i really dont wanna disassemble that mess to apply paste and all that. Laptops are such a mess lol

Colorfull soul 16 says:

This does not work. smdh.

KelvinVEVO says:

Please any idea i dont have vacuum:(

Imvu Obsessed says:

I dont have that vacuum piece 😭😭 would it be possible to use a blow dryer on a low cool setting?

Kees Lass says:

My pc is turned off and don't is on I did not use this

NoroelLuke Dado says:

will it wrk at hair dryer

Dweeno Musicz says:

ok thank u 🙂

chad steven arda says:

i really appreciated you making this video it helps a lot to me

Italo Poty says:

amazing tip, it worked. thank you.
fiz e funcionou gente, o note fica silencioso e esquenta bem menos.

MuchMemesGaming775 says:

Of course it's going to overheat. It's an AMD system

Adam Alakshar says:


Spase Mitrev says:

i will try but i will think it will work.

GTopiaG 3 says:

My laptop is shutting down on Windows XP :/

Agsab Ossas says:

mine is so hot i think my exhaust fan is clogged

Mark Sta. Maria says:

My laptop is desame as mine

Mental Carmine says:

Looking through the comments to see if this actually works.

Farhan Chowdhury says:

when ever i turn off my laptop, it just turns off

Derick Leja says:

thank God I just killed my roommate otherwise I would not have had plastic laying around on the ground

Malkan Nazneen says:

it did not work gentleman i dont give a fuck for u

lukyoko _Y says:

it worked ! thank you so much . now i can continue watching naruto

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