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Laptop repair videos – Power Problems Gateway Laptop

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Source Code says:

DUDE !! My old motherboard sudddenly short circuted , there was a poop and
then a cloud coming up from behind the ram area ! ….. o wait 2 weeks for
a new mobo i ordered , install everything , after beeing in windows 10 min
the same thing happend to the new MOBO!! pc shutdown , poof and smoke ! and
the brabd new mobo also DEAD / CIRCUITED !! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PROBLEM ?
Pleas help me.

Pediatra15 says:

How can I disable the battery sound of a gateway nv54? I Hate the loud
sound when I unplug the laptop especially when I’m in the library.

Jack K says:

Not replacing DC jack, usb port (ripping it out ?? WTF?) is very poor and
unprofessional service. Not mentioning lack of ESD protection!! (heard of
it before?) while working with electronics and your 10$ multimeter i’ll
live with out comment. No thank you.

brandonhughes7 says:

i have a simalar laptop. im not sure what the issues i think its a power
issue. when i turn it on and get into windows on battery power the computer
will freeze up. but i can still use the power button to force shut down.
when i run it on ac adapter it wont freeze up.

inc2000glw says:

I got 2 of those. The battery is mostly my problem

Steven Bass says:

do you do KB/GB because my Laptop computer is having marry issues.

Taeyoung Sin says:

Man, You can get genetic ac adapter for $10 online. You should change
that DC Jack($2).

Martin Serafimov says:

Пази боже от такъв сервиз :X

Samy Naffaa says:

Very good professor, thanks

Lynette Mulata says:


zeru getu Smart says:

Good job.

Robert Gross says:

Soldering the power plug 2 times was a waste of time/money for your
customer. Next time use replacement adapters and figure it out without all
the extra work!

Blair Stickland says:

I replaced the power jack. But I unplugged the video cable, while the
charger was plugged in. It sparked an then smoke came from the card
reader!? No power at all now 🙁 wat happened? Did the jack burn up ?? 

Md sultan says:


Ayub Shaikh says:

Great Video

HelmetVanga says:

There is no doubt the poster understands cables, bit of soldering and
testing connectivity. etc. I once solded same cable plug to a fan for a
video card. Here however a USB plug was lost. That could have been
soldered. USB plugs are in demand when you are a busy user. The two small
little cable inside it appears were not the root problem but the plug in
the charger. checking the power cord plug initially would have been the
optimal solution. As for USB ports, I am paranoid when I run out of ports,
to solve my shortage, I got me a 10 USB ports with its own power adapter
made by Orico.

Venkatesh Srinivasan says:

All you should have done was change the adapter in the first place….wow
idiot, and you will charge the customer for all the unnecessary nonsense
you spent time on….Ladies and Gentlemen do not trust this moron with your
equipment he has no clue as what he is doing 

Alaska Sights and Sounds says:

Thanks, I learned from you. I want those helping hands but you can keep
those screw drivers. You might try cleaning CPU’s and heat sinks with
q-tips and alcohol or De-solv-it for tough sticky jobs, less likely to
scratch. Good soldering.


You should’ve tried a new power adapter first and saved time and money

Md sultan says:

very useful video..awesome

Mritunjay Kumar says:


mercury vapour says:

how the hell is this a repair when your ripping parts off the motherboard
its called desoldering learn it man….

Sirfaust Lopez says:

hi. what about acer aspire 1410-8803 ? do you have some vids regarding
power problems of this unit ? thanks 

Dennis Lungtad says:

astig ni ah daghang salamat!!!

TOPcat831 says:

I enjoyed this video. I like to tinker and take stuff apart, but I know
that I don’t know all the technical stuff.
And sometimes I end up with an extra screw and I can’t remember WHERE it
came from.

Ben Yeboah says:

Great video, thanks a million times

mylove4u says:

It’s a awesome good video.. he opened up his secreat with free. God bless
your bright future life..Tx…a lot.

John Lembo says:

I replaced laptop screen powers on shows ASus display but no blinking icon
or power up windows what could be wrong

Dominique falardeau says:

thanks for all these free information, God bless you!

The Host 408 says:

My computer charges but won’t turn on. Any suggestions. It was working last
week. I would have to keep pushing my power button to turn it on. Now it
won’t turn on.

Lenny Albanese says:

I agree your a animal when it comes to pulling USB ports Looks like

kunal sakhale says:

G8 video 

LearningZone says:

Excellent video on laptop repair. Great job.

Mustafa Omar says:

i can’t try it now but you are good of this. i’ll like to repair my laptop
without bringing to repair!!!


Maybe the pin of the power jack in the motherboard is loose , so in that
case there is no point to replace the power jack , so he had to
shortcircuit it with a tiny wire , also he could have extracted the usb
port more gently using the soldering iron instead of pulling it this way ,
moreover , he could have changed the output wire (20V DC) fully . and the
MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION : what is the COST of this repairing process ??? 

Mrko Kobo says:

the way how u dragged out usb surely damaged print on MB

Michael Hawthorne says:

While the video was a good run through of taking apart a laptop, as a
seasoned electronic engineer myself, I feel you could do with some formal
education in the field of electronics. 48:56 (When it focuses) shows
‘tinned’ solder pins. or at least an attempt to do this, the solder has
clearly NOT flowed. More flux on the joint would have helped. and of
course this lead to the awful jointing at 52:15. If I could possibly throw
you a positive bone then the use of the iron body to shrink the tube was
good practice but a heat gun with a curved end would have produce a more
even shrink. You’re young so there is plenty of time to learn. Although
there was a bad joint inside the laptop on the jack connector, you should
have really found the worn pin on the jack plug before you went to the
trouble of taking the laptop apart. And why didn’t you power the laptop up
before you reassembled it? you may have had to go through all that again.
ah well somethings to think about huh?

Abdelali Berrissoul says:

great video thanks

Mrko Kobo says:

OMG… u didnt put USB back instead u said can use USB hub wtf? bodged DC
socket instead replacing it, spent too much time repairing PSU and ended up
replacing it any way. Ye i wouldn’t trust my LT to u def.

Calvin Iddi says:

when i connect my monitor the monitor turn to standby mode and show nothing
on the screen but cpu seems to work ….will you let me know what the

Tony Lilich says:

I was.wondering.What size wire did you use?What type of soldier,did you
use?What size of soldier do you use?What happened with the original
connections?He ones use replaced with the wire??I really like the
video.Very nice and informative.Thanks.

Nikos Manias says:

Very helpfull video ! How did you know there was nothing else wrong with
the motherboard though before you put it back in the case?And when you have
a damaged USB port all you gotta do is pull it out?

Henry Mayers says:


atminh says:

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