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Laptop Repair – LIVE

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Chris Firl says:

Curious if the thumbdrive boot for win 10 works now…. after he installed win 10

Jay Max says:

intermission is extremely long 38:0547:05

Regish Babu says:

I am a desktop engineer.. Thoroughly enjoyed this video and learnt a lot

Simon Zerafa says:

Hi Carey, If Mitch ever needs a 17th century character for a CosPlay or similar then he would make a great Issac Newton! πŸ™‚

Mitch's questions and comments were also relevant and the sort of questions I would have asked you if I were assisting you. I would say that a weekly show with Mitch as a guest might be an idea to look into πŸ™‚

Thanks for all your videos and once funds allow another donation will come your way via the TechVet's site.

Avichai Grafstein says:

Awesome video, And lots of knowledge. Thank you Carey

like a rock says:

Windows 10 will never need a clean install ever again.GREAT information, CareyπŸ‘

Michael Huhn says:

Some tips for windows 10 first to turn on the wifi in windows 10 you click the box that says wifi that is the switch in the window were you choose which network you want to connect to, second when app is not working go to the settings app and go to apps and find the app that is not working and click advance and there is a reset button to reset the app

gameflux says:

This was awesome ! Love it !

KillerZero259 says:

Carey says, at 1:52:15 "any final questions otherwise we're gonna wrap it up for today…" I look at the time scale and say to myself, "Goodness, I wonder what happened later in the video to turn this into a 4 hour clip", lol

Oozywolf says:

Carey hasn't aged since this channel started lol

David Snake says:

Carey Corsair 200R is now EOL. That's why it's on sale. Now they sell 270/275R as replacement.

David Davidsonn says:

I have Gigabit internet, 940 Mbit/s
best thing ever.
btw always good to see Mitch. I wish you did more videos together.

DumpTown says:

Always astounding to see questions like:

"What's the difference between FAT32 and NTFS?"

Are you a troll or just lazy??? You're on a computer. It's online.


Tom Peters says:

This was entertaining.

sudoertor says:

What immediately drew me to this video was the fact I see a hammer in the cover image for a laptop repair video…

Garth Clark says:

A thought about the wireless drivers that were needed. Wouldn't the Intel driver and support assistant have found that as well vs. snappy drvr inst ??

One thing I learned with changing an OS on laptops is the function keys and other keys firmware/software/drivers which would include the special keys on the front and sides of the laptop. They aren't so easy to find and if you find them, first you have to trust them if not coming from the manufacturer and usually they are limited to the original OS.

Dalton Banks says:

Carey, you need a slogan!

cjstrick2010 says:

Stupid insurance calls

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