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Laptop Repair in the Philippines

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Let’s visit an indoor market in the Philippines that has a whole floor dedicated to repairing your favorite gadgets!

For anyone curious. I was trying to shoot a review of a powerbank that can also charge laptops. The powerbank didn’t have the right adapter for my laptop, so I made my own. But I stupidly trusted the markings on the cable without checking the polarity myself. So I ended up connecting the charger with reversed polarity and it busted the laptop.

I took the laptop to Greenhills Shopping Center and after diagnosing the damaged component(s), they looked through a few random motherboards and scavenged the part(s) to repair my laptop.

The repair cost P1300 (25 USD, 19 GBP) which seems a little high considering the actual cost of the component but you need to take into account the years of experience they have, the time and cost of sourcing various random parts and of that they need to earn a living.

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Gadget Addict says:

Special thanks to my camera for focussing on everything except my face lol

Raw Rara says:

I love it . First time watching your video here. I like the tone of your voice so calm and humble. 😃

xXSimsXx Gamer says:

I miss Greenhills :c

master kush says:

Most of the tech repair here in the PH is a SCAM, they will switch your parts, leaves another part broken for some reasons. ask more money… avoid the muslims or your gonna be ripped! 😉

Chariss Santos says:

I love green hills

Chariss Santos says:

hell yeah I'm always here when I was kid

musmos busabos says:

Most technicians there are cons. Theyll sucked your wallet dry… pour more money.

Lito Hortiguia says:

Meron kasi ako asus old model…may power pero ayaw mag display…help guys…

Lito Hortiguia says:

How about in quiapo guys?thanks

Blue Marshall says:

SM Megamall or Gilmore Quezon City. There are s Lot of Voltures at Greenhills.

pao bernardo says:

only in the philippines

lhon dy says:

ang galing naman…

Heartc0re _ says:

Nice vid mate!!

JePaCa Telegram Lobees says:

Me to when I broke my cellphone I went to green hills Phil. it cost me ₱550

ALJHAY120815 says:

Gadget addict its very expensive theres more repair shop that the repairing is cheap you repaired your laptop for 1,300 pesos

XxBigballxX Gaming says:

I would like America would be like this

Chris Tanada says:

you could have gone to Gilmore QC, its near Greenhills. i always bring a laptop or pc there to fix and i havent had any problems since. you can be more confident in there because most people who are tech savvy or just looking for a cheaper price and are buying multiple pc for their computer shops go there.

Alejandro Rubio says:

You said it right here we would charge you 180 to fix that issue. Cost here sucks, but remember we pay higher wages too

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