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laptop repair and refurbishment

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Laptop Repair and refurbishment. Can you make money selling second user laptops on ebay? Maybe…………
Took a donated hp compaq 6710b and restored it to a working condition.


kooki2107 says:

Great video! How long did it take you to complete the refurbishment? ?

Russell Adams says:

Great video. I enjoyed seeing this old laptop brought back to life. I am currently posting from the same model. I bought it used for $140 American(actually $100 and a broken laptop for trade). I have purchased several used laptops from the same person locally and this one is the best so far. It runs very smooth after upgrading the RAM to 4gb and replacing windows 7 that was on it with Linux.

elijah high Smith says:

so on my laptop where i can pull the screen down the thing its hanging out how wouldi go about fixing it any help would be useful?

Matthew Doyle says:

i have that laptop and im still on it

Angus Yellow says:

You should have put it on ebay just like it was for $15, that seems to be how you make money with laptops on ebay. The completed fixed up thing doesn't sell but somebody will buy a smashed screen laptop for some reason

TechMaster2133 says:

u did not put any thermal paste on the gpu beside the cpu an those get quite hot very quickly

cole butler says:

where did you get the laptop for free??

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