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Laptop Power Socket Repair – Toshiba Satellite

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Toshiba Satellite L355-S7812 Laptop Power Jack Repair
The power jack is not part of the motherboard and includes it’s own harness. The computer does however need to be completely torn down to replace this particular part.

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Retinalism says:

A little trick I use when tearing down any device with recessed screws is
to loosen the screw but don’t remove it. Now use a short piece of sticky
tape folded over on itself at one end (to aid easy removal/replacement) and
stick it over the hole of the screw you just loosened. Repeat this until
all screws loosened. They stay in the right place, avoiding loss and
incorrect replacement, also easily identify if you’ve missed any. On
replacement/re-assembly leave tape in place after initial re-screwing, and
completely remove when re-tightened. You’ll know you have all screws
accounted for, in the right place and correctly “torqued”, thus confirming
correct re-assembly.

Dustychrisrocks2 says:

+GuruBrew do you think you can fix my Toshiba satellite? If so contact me
on Skype at dustychrisrocks123

Patricia York says:

Where do you live, Steve? Salt Lake City perchance? I have the same
problem and do not want to risk fixing it myself.

Emily Sheffield says:

Thank you so much, this video was so helpful and now I can play minecraft.

John Carradus says:

Great video. Every step covered…. I now have a working laptop – Hooray!!!

Tech Guy says:

just so you all know,when he says you do not have to take the whole thing
apart to clean the dust and dirt,yea you do taking a vaccum to it will not
work,that only sucks small pieces of dirt out,if you really care about your
laptop and want to do it the right way,take it apart and clean it right

Maria Benitez says:

Hi , I followed your video since the same thing happened to my lap to I
gave a Toshiba L305d-s5914.. But now my screen is dark. It’s not black I
could still see some color on there. Can you give m pe some aped vice maybe
I moved a cable or something., thanks

Zoey Zoe Highknight says:

Is there a site where they let people learn how to do this stuff
step-by-step for free maybe?

DrDribs says:

Glad to see it’s not attached to the motherboard. Think I’d still rather
pay someone to fix it.

an zapata says:

I have the exact same problem on my father laptop but the power jack is
surrounded by metal not plastic, So is it still safe to glue? Anyone else
able to respond ?

salisha rampersad says:

did not work

Sarah Giardina says:


Sameer Omles says:

hey guru i’ve Toshiba satellite A135 S2386 and its USB drivers not
recognized what can i do ? `plz reply with solution,,,,,,,,,,,

Idalia Torres says:

hi guru i have a toshiba and i did a recovery on my toshiba it accepted the
recovery disk it came with but then it freezes mid way after it reboots to
continue with the recover it show that it freezes in 9 of the 71 i guess of
the driver’s and things that it is suppose to download what can i do I need
it to finish the recovery to be able to use it.

Idalia Torres says:

also when i turn it off it will not come back on the only way to get it
back on is to cover the side where the fan is wait 45 min then turn it off
then turn it back on and that helps it to start any ideas what it can be.

Mohaa S says:

Comment vous faites pour enlever les connecteurs sous le clavier. Merci

Carol Jean Parker says:

Thanks for your expertise. Very good video.

James Childress says:

Second time I’ve made this repair. NOTE: use good glue. I used a flexible
quick grip that broke when’d dropped a second time (3 kids). This time, I
used hot glue…much stronger bond

Derrick Gilmore says:
GuruBrew says:

Your right, the heat sink fins trap dust bunnies so it is a good idea to
clean the entire cooling system

shaun burke says:

Its not the fan that needs hoovering usually itsthe heat sink that the fan
blows though usually

GuruBrew says:

Confucius Say: Weak areas of design rear their ugly heads when large groups
of units get put into the world. Well OK, I don’t know about Confucius but
I Say!

Todd Harrison says:

I did the same exact repair video back on 3/27/2011 at toddfun (dot) com.
The video is also on my YouTube channel. Same problem, same reason but I
use epoxy for the fix.

GuruBrew says:

I am assuming you mean SD card reader slot. If you do not have a built in
one you can get a inexpensive SD card reader that plugs into a USB
connector. I seen some at Big Lots for around $12.00 or less.

Crissy B says:

thank you pal yeah it doesnt have 1 ! il have to buy an adapter for it!
thanks again!

xLUcixable says:

Wow samethng just happend to me excpt it fell on the floor on the side of
the cord….whch caused it to fall in thanks ima go out in get a screw in
do this

GuruBrew says:

Doesn’t surprise me, thanks for the update.

Crissy B says:

how do i use an sd adapter on my toshiba l300 doesnt seem to have a port

GuruBrew says:

If your careful it doesn’t effect anything

smvb77 says:

I made this repair before watching this video, and actually, the side F7
screws do not need to be removed. They are apparently there to stabilize
the hinges….

TallCoFlyBoy says:

It is absolute horseshit how worthless Toshiba is with the POS ac
connector. I will NEVER buy another POS Toshiba. The ac jack on mine
stopped working after just a few months. Went to have it repaired and
Toshiba told me no dice. So, I told them, Hello MAC! Thx, I feel better…
nice video btw

Pritha Roy says:

Hey thanks for helping just one question, when you take it apart does it
affect the memo

Pritha Roy says:

Thanks so much your video helped me save money and a new laptop.

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