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Laptop Overheating Fix – Reviving a Dusty Lenovo Y480

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We were able to reduce thermals on the GPU by upwards of 20C, bringing it down to ~70C from 90-98C. CPU temperature also improved tremendously, eliminating the overheating crashes and freezes on the Lenovo Y480 laptop.

Tool kit used: iFixit Pro Tech 2016 https://bit.ly/29QCsLQ

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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Gamers Nexus says:

Hey all! This goes for desktops, too. If you've got dust filters, be sure to clean them every now and then. Dust can significantly impact your system's performance, stability, and longevity. With these fixes, we were able to (spoiler) prevent Andrew's laptop from crashing/freezing anymore, reduce GPU temperature by ~20C under overnight load, reduce CPU temperature similarly, and improve overall performance. Took 2 hours, and almost all of that time was meticulously cleaning dust out of the components.

Barbrady says:

The IdeaPad Z570 actually is very good to service. Just one big cover on the bottom to
remove and you have acces to HDD, RAM, Wireless Module, CMOS Battery and you can take out the ODD and heatsink.

Dimitris Kepenos says:

@ 14:18 HOLY….SHIT!!! You'd have to use an Airbus A380's engine to blow all that dust away XD

mkusanagi says:

You can lightly tap a blade tip screwdriver in stripped screws to remove them.

TheWretchedWorld says:

that hinge is fucking disgusting look at the play in it

KrMaHo says:

OMFG theres a chainsword in the background!

SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair says:

I don't think I saw it in the video, but did you check for dust right where the fan blows into the heatsink? Dust usually gets stuck here and shuts off airflow coming out of the computer.

SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair says:

It's really interesting watching you take apart a laptop because I do that on a daily basis. You get a lot more efficient at doing it after you've done it a million times 😛

wooo weee says:

Yea had to buy some baggies of screws from ebay, frustrating how easily they strip

Veselin Krastev says:

I have a pretty similar Lenovo G580. My situation is not nearly as bad but I want to try and disassemble it some time. To clean it but also for the fun and practice. I've looked up the manual some videos and this thing is so fucking complex. It's got to be sometimes when I have a lot of free time.

R Hayes says:

Dual – Wielding +1 Screwdrivers!!!

siriq says:

Awful amount of screws and lot of place to hide. That's why i say right away when someone comes with a laptop. Pain in the ass , big time.

Javier Casas says:

one time i took apart a Dell because it'd turn off all the time as well and the grill between the fan and the exhaust was completely covered in a thick layer, pretty much a pad, of dust. guarantee you it partially what happened here.

domeskeetz says:

My room is so dusty, I'm cleaning it to combat it as much as I can but I think it's coming in through cracks in the windows which I simply can't afford to fix at the moment. What are the best cut out filters that I could stick onto my PC. Any other advice? I currently clean my pc once a week and try to have a "balanced" air flow having two intake in the front and two exhaust in rear but my fan blades still get pretty dusty. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Sad Ketchup Gaming says:


MsErica647 says:

Watching this made me sneeze.

MrKillswitch88 says:

Modern laptops like that Lenovo are shit in terms of build quality especially with the poor thermals and even worse plastics that are prone to cracking. At least the older Thinkpads like the W520 are still ok despite the dated screens and horrendous trackpad.

Y2Kvids says:

This gives me hope!

1967 kID says:

it's funny I'm just repast my asus laptop and I had no dust on it I clean all my computers every month

PlayerOne says:

It sucks when you have to clean new laptop just 6 months after buying.
Had to void varranty to just clean damn thing, 85c on CPU or bring to some shop that does it officialy (the same thing) and a price.

Chad Hay says:

And clean your stuff out people especially if you smoke or have pets who shed, my sisters pc was overheating and omg the horror of smoking pets and 6 years with no cleaning you couldn't see the cpu cooler I'm. surprised the fan spun at all. And new thermal paste always helps never understand the people who cover the whole cpu just a drop and the heatsink will spread it cpu wise.

Chad Hay says:

Nothing worse than 1 screw stripped holding you back from taking something apart. I bought a kit for repairing stripped screws and it made my tinkering life much easier.

blueburger4 says:

Hey Steve any good way to get discontinued manufacturer specific laptop cpu coolers? Mine is dead on my 2007 hp Pavillion dv7. The laptop isn't exactly state of the art but I've had it for a very long time and I hope I don't have to scrap it :(.

C. Costa says:

Does your video editor live in the desert?

Sam H says:

why is so much thermal paste ok for the gpu and not ok for the cpu?

johnny durias says:

Wow! How old is that shit?! I wanna clean mine but I cannot find compressed air in this junk..

Jay Shin says:



Love what you guys do! thank You!

onetruecharlatan says:

@20:48 Holy sheit Steve, that "hair moment". I nearly shot my load you sexy bastard 😉

Moxzot says:

Did you bother removing the fan and remove the line of lint cause air doesn't solve everything

Ristan99 says:

7:59 bless you.

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