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Laptop not powering up, won’t turn on Fix /Solutions

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Laptop wont power on, what should i check.Laptop won’t turn on, how do i fix? Laptop not powering up when i press the power button, what should i do?Fix/Solution in the video

Howto: Fix Laptop Won’t Turn on

1.Power off your laptop.
2.Disconnect AC adapter (if it’s connected).
3.Take out the battery.
4.Press and hold power button for 30 or more seconds.
5.Release power button.
6.Power on laptop with AC adapter only(Without the battery)
7.If your laptop turns on put the battery back in

If your laptop Won’t Power on this trick/fix work for all Brands. Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Asus, Compaq, Lenovo IBM etc.. This Laptop Won’t power on fix will work with all brands.

Your Questions
Laptop won’t switch on when i press the power button?
laptop won’t turn on when i press power.
How to fix my laptop it doesn’t power on even though battery and charger works fine?
My HP laptop is not turning on anymore.
My sony laptop won’t turn on, how to fix?
Dell laptop wont turn on, worked fine yesterday.
Acer laptop won’t turn on at all.
Why won’t my laptop turn on, battery is fully charged?
Having trouble turning on my laptop.
Laptop refuse to turn on.
How to drain laptop battery power?
Laptop will not power on when i press the power button.
Help can’t get laptop to turn on?
Laptop not showing signs of power.
Need help can’t get laptop to power on.

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ProCoComputerRepairs says:

Desktop Version
Desktop Won’t power on Fix / Solutions (Sony a7s)

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

I’m sorry everyone, I can not reply to every comment on this video. I’m
extremely busy now and i don’t have the time to answer each individual, but
I can recommend a site where the people are quick to help,
Linustechtips.com in the troubleshooting forums. The people there are good

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

+Grady Orr your welcome!

Wade Hillemann says:

Thank you so so so so much! Running like a charm!

Nemanja Pavlovic says:

tip from 3:20 WORKING TNX LOVE From Serbia

Erza Scarlet says:

Liked and subscribed!

MAJD Altujjar says:

It worked, the minute 3:12 saved my life. Thanks

razer moralejo says:

Thanks 🙂

Keith Jackson says:

I’m guessing if a new battery AND charger don’t work, the motherboard isn’t
receiving any power. I’m also guessing there’s no real fix to that besides
buying a new computer (instead of taking it to a big box store and getting
charged an arm and a leg)?

Aiden Squire says:

My laptop isn’t working it turns on but the light by the webcam doesnt turn
on which it usually does,the screen is black nothing at all on it keyboard
or mouse pad doesn’t work as the caps lock , mum lock or scroll lock light
doesn’t light up. I was just scrolling through Facebook when the screen
turned of, I did everything in the video. Any suggestions ?

gokumetrix80 says:

did’t work =(

I have a Lenovo g780 and it’s 1 year old.
it just doesn’t start up, if I press the power button it does nothing, no
lights no fan nothing. if I plug the power cord it does show a light on the
battery led.
I think it is something with the motherboard i’m afraid but what do you

BluePlaysMinecraft says:

Please Help Me It Dosent work i have a Hp3115m windows 7 i did every thing
you told me to do is it the dust on the battery? Help Me Please

juanae kirkpatrick says:

This actually worked! Thanks!

xXrXxp says:

Thank you so much man :D

Driban says:

Thanks, but might i ask what causes this problem? 

跳跳鼠 popgomouse says:

The 3:01 works for me. Thanks! I shall keep the video running in case you
should get paid for it – if not, thanks for your sharing, anyway!

MSLove Riri says:

when i turn on my laptop it does some weird sound then stops and idk if it
stoped working. Help?

Jestina D kwofie says:

3:11 worked for me

tony michaud says:

nice you showed me how dumd i am.the plug wasn’t plug in the wall the whole
time ha ha ha

mimisha24 says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! The hardrive on my last laptop
fried and I thought for sure the same thing happened to this one but I went
through your suggestions and the last one at 3:13 is what worked for me. I
can’t thank you enough!

damyan olierook says:

Gokumetrix Same problemen here

Ao Tora says:

I have laptop similar to yours. I had few problems with battery lately – it
only lasted abou half an hour at most. Than today I forgot to charge it –
opened it and it worked for 15 minutes. Than without any notification abou
needing to charge or anything it closed itself and the blue light started
blinking on the side of the pc. And now it won’t open… My charger has no
Led light so I am hoping that I don’t need new battery D: I have no idea
how to fix it :(

TheAgentdp says:

My laptop powers up fine but my battery wont charge! It says something like
this “connected, not charging” this happened today i dont even know how to
fix it!

Axel Soul says:

This video saved my life cause my mom was going to kill me … THANK YOU!!!

KN Fun says:

OMG thank you it worked

Dzoole1 says:

Thanks about this solution, works fine for me.

thenu ragu says:

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naomi alves says:

Hey, well urm recently I was using my laptop & realised the battery was
getting low & I put it to charge but wasn’t getting any response. This has
happen before & my brother had fixed it, now that it reoccurred he tired
again but it didn’t seem to work. I’ve followed the steps shown but it
still isn’t working. Usually when I play with the battery itself it would
begin to work but it hasn’t. My battery is dead which means the computer
won’t come on & my charger isn’t working.

Amy styles says:

This worked for my laptop ! I never thought it would power on again !

TheDarthvaderonearth says:

Hey my batteries died and my laptop went off but it wont go on anymore. i
can only see the light when i charge the batteries other then that nothing
works. i tried everything in this video. i have a packard bell easynote

Farisah Diyana says:

i tried this step but it doesn’t work. i’m using Dell Inspiron. The
charging LED lights up for a second and goes off again. I need urgent help!

The8BitGamer123 says:

OMFG I thought I was dead

Tom Ferrier says:

I have a 1.5year old Lenovo G580 with i5 3210M, 4GB of RAM and running
64bit Windows 8
My problem is that starting somewhere in last month, my laptop wont start
at all. When I press the power button, the Webcam and Power lights would
turn on as well as the fan but nothing would happen. The screen remains
blank, It does not even show the lenovo BIOS screen.
I would have to then force shutdown by holding down the power key for few
Normally It would start upon the next few tries but now the problem has
worsened to whole new level. It wont start at all. Maybe if I am lucky
enough it starts at the 50th or 60th try. But when it finally starts, it
boots up and the system runs perfectly fine without any hint of a
problem.The same problem happens if I restart. I have taken to putting the
computer to sleep instead of shutting down to prevent the startup problems.
It wakes from sleep perfectly fine

shabana khan says:

Thanks a lot for your video. I have an HP 2530 p and it won’t turn on, but
after I watched your video, I used a glass cleaning spray on the laptop
jack and it turned on.

mic nocidal says:

hey man it worked for me! thanks i’ll subscribe right now, just one
question though, what may cause this problem to shut it self without any
warning? (my laptop has a cooler so heat problem is out of the factors
affecting it), thanks man!

Vincent Loh says:

Can’t boot the system Vaio F Series! Help!!!

This is the video about the actual situation! I’ve tried everything you’ve
mentioned and no luck at all! Please tell me what’s going on +
ProCoComputerRepairs ?? Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Nicai Calma says:

mine the light just blink for a moment but still wont open I have an acer
laptop. do you know any solution for this? thanks.

Simlover99 says:

My laptop turned on but the screen was black… I’m really in panic pls
help me i have a packerd bell easy note SJ51

minecraftpartzy says:

I tried everything. And I get no light on the computer when it plugs
in.Does that mean the motherboards messed up?

Lee-Ann Kerster says:

Worked!! Thanks! Much appreciated! 

Jalen Parks says:

he is on my YouTube account thats why

John Ruzzel says:

Good day sir,

i have done the steps in this video but still it wont open. is there
another thing or process to be able to start my laptop.

by the way it is a acer aspire 5100 series.

i hope you can help me thanks in advance.

Tori Lucy says:

I NEED HELP! Okay so, hearing about the cyber attack thing on the news, my
parents brought a Norton Internet Security pack for my laptop- so it
protrects my course work from being lost- we installed it about 4 hours ago
and it said it was finished so i could continue with what i was doing. So i
left it on whilst i had dinner and i came back about 15 mins later and the
screen was blank, so buttons repsonded so i turned my laptop off. Since
doing that, when i turn it on the screen is the samsung home screen and it
says f2 for support and f4 for recovery, ive tried both the buttons but
neither work, weve contacted norton security and theyve been no help! Is
there any help you can give?! If you can then please tell me! Thank you!!

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