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Laptop Not Booting up – Hard Reset – Possible Fix

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Laptop Not Booting up – Hard Reset – Possible Fix




This is the Toshiba Satellite L50D-B-151

Click the link below or in the annotation to see a possible RAM repair in case of computers not booting up:

Laptop Flashing Caps Lock Blue Led Light Quick Easy Fix – Ram Issue

Click the link below or in the annotation to see how to:

Test A Laptop Charger Adaptor With A Digital Multimeter

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Ruby Oliver says:

my toshiba wont go pas password which we have forgotten.

Persona Random says:

great video men you help me so much men

Wolfie says:

Hey my thing keeps coming up as a setup utility and i cant get of of it can u help me

Vraj Patel says:

It worked! Thanks

Tess Cana says:

still not working

Massimo Gioia says:

this video is a nonsense

RelaxandScrap says:

It worked, do I leave battery out or put it back since it's working

mohamed hamdhoon says:

what do i do? my Toshiba laptop is saying my laptop operating system is missing i have done almost everything.hard rest is not helping….

Zee Magic says:

i have the same laptop , and same fucking problem

Trex Gaming says:

Mine does work but the screen colour is really Annoying. Do you know how to fix that because i really need the laptop for school and stuff

xbass games says:

My Toshiba
Satelite laptop is showing the uefi boot and i can't revert it back to csm boot mode and it has windows7 on it

Kick YT says:

I have a Lenova windows 10, and, it always needs a Recovery Startup, Any help, please!? ?

mattytech computers says:

i held down the space bar and it booted into windows

Samanali Ahinsa says:

hi.i replaced my dell N5050 laptop mother board.but it not turning on.after i removed the battery and try to turn on.laptop is turned on.after i shut down and try to on but it wont on.after removed the ac adaptor and hold the power power button 30 second then i connect the a/c power lap top turned on.i need to do things every time.any one help me

awesome cookie Cat says:

i have the same laptop and my laptop wont turn on

TwoChainss says:

Hello! My toshiba laptop won't boot up. I've done everything that I possibly can to try and fix it but nothing works. It brings me to the Toshiba loading screen then turns black for a second then goes right back to the Toshiba loading screen. It's been doing this for days. Can someone please help me because I just got this laptop and I don't won't to spend more money trying to fix it.

Ann Ballard says:

Recently in the middle of a Windows upgrade…laptop satellite c55-c5268 went out and will not come back on. Black screen with all lites on no sound. No Toshiba start screen s well.

Umer Mahmood Khokhar says:

Kindly find the solution of my Toshbia Hdd password.

ci3-3227U/4G/500GB/15.5/ HD/DVD.
SERIAL # 6E111711U

Thank You.

Umer Mahood KhoKhar

Raven's Wings says:

What if you're locked out of your laptop and just trying to factory reset it????

VideoAction.DK.COM says:

something Blew Up..

so i was Sitting there Resetting the Laptop. at 86% It said Boom and Closed down. now it doesent boot. it turns on. but it just says there isn't any Operating system. is that a Motherboard Failuer?

TheSupremePhantom says:

hey man can i show you my problem in an email, i need to get some data off my laptop but it wont boot, it also wont reset my pc,

jesse galloway says:

i have an asus R510c notebook that will not turn on but the lightbuld led and the lock1 led are lit. Any suggestions?

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