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Laptop Loose Charging Port Fix!! HD!!

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Mainly for VAIO’s, from what I’ve researched, but it works with ANY laptop. This is a how to, and a wayyy better quality video than the one I followed, but I still give credit to the guy, if it wasn’t for his guidance, I literally would not be typing this lol


christian chabries says:

Well this worket just putting a book or your hand on it. And I could not
find that sweet spot so I went ahead and did this and it freaking worked.

MiRaN Kawan says:

can anyone help me fix my charging port? it doesn’t look like the one in
the video…
I have Asus K43S :/

ImUnderAge Nicholas says:

i have a samsung laptop would this work…

Ryan Phoenix says:

doesn’t work -_-

Ben Braverman says:

I LOVE YOU BRO! Thank you! :D

Ahmad Issa says:

at 2:24, you talking about “those 2”
i dont have 2 anymore, one broke i guess and i only have one and im having
big trouble to charge my laptop
i need help +Coach Peter Hanz 

Stefan SMOGAVC says:

saved my life

Ryan Robertson says:

you might want to clean your fan.. That is why it is getting hot. I
cleaned it, and Stopped overheating completely..

Arial Rogers says:

mine doesnt have prongs :(

Rathi Rajan says:

do you think it’s because of the port or because of the cord? i was
thinking about just buying a new cord… but idk

Danny Faye says:

Wow best quick fix for Power Sockets yet!!!Ta Buddy and Hi from lil oll New
Zealand..you are Awsome!!!

Peril Cloka says:

I only have one pin, please help!’

Dennis St Germain says:

Hey Man !!!! Worked like a charm……THANK YOU !!!!! I just
reached in there with small pliers and squeezed a LITTLE and BAM !!!!
Thanks again !!!

fastbike94 . says:

i have a asus 501k from 2009 and today it decided that it wasn’t going to
charge. i knew the port was loose for a while so today i took the computer
apart and found the wire that connects to the port into the motherboard,
then i unplugged it blew it out and plugged it back in and put the laptop
back together but that didn’t work then i just put the battery back in and
turned it on till it died and then decided to try seeing if the charger
would work and it did no clue why or how but if this happens again i might
just replace the port

Princess Bunny says:

I only have 1 pin.

Young KRUMBz says:

I accedently pulled the pin out so I fucked my laptop over help

M Cee says:

goodlord I wish my idiotic laptop wld play the damn video!!!!!!

Riintt Ting says:

Hi! I am sending this message 2yrs later but I was wondering do you have to
use glue?

Eric Mitchell says:

Strangely, this worked on an old gateway…

Kelly Brown says:

Worked like a charm! Thanks!

jake myers says:

You have to eat a specific cereal or this will not work u have to eat pops
frosted flakes or froot loops or this will not work hope I helped 😉

Walter Esese says:

geeksquad told me like $234+ dollars to fix itl.

Ben Shostak says:

Worked on my Vaio, charges perfectly now, 

simon nguyen says:

My charger wont even plug in to my charger port , do u know how to fix that

heatream says:

Seriously I am looking at my Asus port and it looks nothing like yours at
all. I don’t see a ground on it at all. I just see the prong on the inside
nothing else around it! HELP ME COACH!

Cathy Jules says:

Mine is not twin in that inside…. T.T plss help…
Its not charging :(

Tyler Nightcore says:

Your house is kinda messy and it took me months to take the gold chip thing
out of my laptop. Its dell latitude

Shelby Grandma says:

Thank you so much for your video…I was able to fix my Toshiba Satellite
laptop and I used both the tweezers and a tiny screwdriver to pull the
prong out more. YAY!!!! I had not used my computer since last year…lol

Jonnie Figuera says:

Anyone know if this works for asus u56e? ._. It only has one pin so do I do
it differently?

Hunter from hell says:

what if i don’t use super glue o_o what would happen?

Kaitlin Holbert says:

hey completely different computer but it helped me fix my toshiba satellite
a135 laptop! this gave me an idea about it!! OMG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

Mike Neto says:

What else’s can I use instead of a twizzers 

Srijan Chatterjee says:

Great help man… Thanks. :)

Christina Rankin says:

You are the SH*T!!! I was about to give up in dispair & take my 2009 Sony
Vaio to Geek Squad & shell out WAY too much to save it but your fix did the
trick! I had a bowl of Fruit Loops, grabbed my tweezers & got to squeezin’!
One question though: I didn’t see one of those ground thingies on mine.
It’s older than the one you were fixing (I think) but does that make any
difference in the long run? Thanks!!

Hannah Montana says:

It fuckin works!!! hallelujah

Mariaelena Cano says:

thank you for the info and I loved the video :)

Sierra Paxton says:

I love our accent Lol and our attitude LOLOL

heatream says:

Does it matter what kind of cereal I eat? Good vid your pretty funny =)

Yalit Lozano says:

But you need to make sure to get the bowl of cereal, or else this will not

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